Heinrich KUPER GmbH & Co. KG
Heinrich-Kuper-Straße 10 - 15
33397 Rietberg • Germany

Postfach 2229
33380 Rietberg • Germany

Telefon +49 (0)52 44/9 84-0
Telefon +49 (0)52 44/9 84-2 01
E-Mail info@KUPER.de
Internet www.KUPER.de

The best name for the best names
in woodworking: KUPER.

Who's trade-mark is leading in his field will for sure be found at KUPER.

KUPER offers the complete range of woodworking – standard machines as well as special machines for stairs construction or equipment for window production, from a portable hand-held machine to a complete production line of machines.

Last not least we offer everything that helps to fulfil the environment protection regulations in your production: Dedusting equipment, heating components, ventilation systems and disposal devices. 

Peripheral equipment and tools of the leading producers you can find in the KUPER Pro-Point, within all of our skills centres. Our Online-offer you’ll find here.