Solid Wood Processing Machines

KUPER offers flexible and efficient solutions for solid wood processing. Our woodworking machines can be operated safely and intuitively - no matter if the machines are for cutting, planing or shaping solid wood. With continuous feed speeds thanks a frequency converter as well as adjustable spindle configurations and control options the KUPER woodworking machines accomodate work with solid wood perfectly and are up to a high standard. A high working width is not a problem either. The fast an d powerful SWT models by KUPER allow for an easy set up. With the help of extensive experience KUPER offers maximum automation of all process in order to relieve the operator. Due to the modular structure of the KUPER SWT models we can strive for the best material flow possible for a clocked solid wood processing - no matter if for industrial or craft purposes. KUPER offers a comprehensive support for the selection of automation solutions.