KUPER SWT XS planing and moulding machine
– small and unrivaled good.

KUPER SWT XS – user-friendly and smart.

The KUPER SWT XS is the unbeaten champion of simplicity and user-friendliness.

The KUPER SWT XS impresses with its generous standard equipment with the option of chamfering or profiling up to 20 mm deep. And its practical quick-clamping system ProLock® makes make-ready a walk in the park.

Advantages at a glance:

  • practical tool quick-clamping system ProLock®
  • hard-chromium plated infeed and machine table
  • feed speed infinitely controllable via frequency converter
  • end-to-end feed path, power transmission via several worm gears and cardan joints
  • feed and spindle motors designed as IE3 energy saving motors
  • pneumatically damped pressure shoe downstream of the top shaft, improved dynamics due to linear guides
  • electric height adjustment of the feed support
  • start-stop system for all spindle motors

Spindle arrangement:

XS 4

XS 4+U

XS 5

Essential for any carpenter‘s workshop – the KUPER SWT XS.

K2 Basic control system – clear & simple.

The KUPER-developed control system ensures quick and safe set-up of the SWT planing and chamfering machine.

  • 7 inch Siemens touch screen with clear symbols for simple operator guidance
  • Motor-controlled height and width adjustment, can also be controlled via additional program-independent input interface
  • Tool management
  • Program management (up to 2500 programs possible)
  • It is possible to display program values for the radial and axial positions of all spindles (for easier manual adjustment)
  • Management and monitoring of maintenance intervals with a graphical display of lubricating points

Basic equipment

Hard-chromium plated work surfaces
All table surfaces of the KUPER SWT XS are hard-chromium plated to ensure precise results. This ensures durability and guarantees precise locating surfaces.

Basic equipment

Fast tool changing thanks to ProLock®
Required tool changes on all spindles are quick and easy due to the ProLock® clamping system.

openTechnical Data KUPER SWT XS

Working width15 – 230 mm
Working height10 – 120 mm
Feed speed6 – 24 m/min.
Axial adjustment pathhorizontal spindle 20 mm, vertical spindle 20 mm
Spindle arrangement4, 4+U, 5
Spindle power ratingbottom und top 5.5 kW, right and left 7.5 kW (one motor for both vertical spindles)
Universal spindle7.5 kW
Spindle rotational speed6.000 U/min.
Spindle diameter 40 mm
Spindle diameterfirst bottom spindle 125 – 160 mm, vertical 112 – 180 mm
top spindle 112 – 200 mm, bottom spindle 112 – 200 mm
Profile chamfering depthup to 20 mm


Here you can download the brochure as PDF file.

Additional technical data upon request. Illustrations may contain options. Additional components such as control cabinets, safety facilities e.g. are maybe not shown.