Insulating materials

Insulating materials - Packages for rigid foam plates, compressible mineral wool plates, natural insulating materials and more.

Your product:

You produce insulating materials like rigid foam plates made of polystyrene, compressible mineral wool plates or natural insulating materials made of wood shavings or wood fibres? You are looking for a packaging solution integrated in a production line without production interruptions? Or you refine insulating materials and are looking for an independent packaging line for on-commission packaging? With its KUPER KFE Contifoil, KUPER provides the ideal packaging machine for your requirements.

Application example 1

Packaging system for continuous shrink-wrapping of insulating plate packages in series with high capacity requirements.

The KUPER KFE Contifoil guarantees a continuous packaging process without production stops caused by film changing. The push feeder ensures dynamic film wrapping for a stable package structure. No matter whether your package is open or closed - KUPER packaging machines guarantee a packaging quality ready for sale.

Application example 2

Stretch packer for insulating plates made of wood shavings without a shrink-wrapping process.

The energy-saving packaging solution for compressible insulating plates. The KUPER KFE Stretch packer is the ideal machine for packaging insulating materials such as wood fibre insulating plates, stacks of Styrofoam and laminated PU insulating plates. The product is transformed into a practical transport item: It is carefully held together and easy to transport.