Inside doors

Packaging inside doors - rational solutions using KUPER film packaging machines.

Your product:

High quality inside doors for specialised retailers or hardware stores. You want a rational and low-cost packaging system for your products? One that has a high cycle capacity and batch size 1? KUPER packaging solutions offer protection where it is required and meet the great demands made on the appearance of the package. For this problem, the KUPER KFL Ergofoil is the ideal solution.

Application example

Packaging of room doors in a crosswise throughfeed, batch size 1.

This packaging system for inside doors is fully integrated in a production line. The doors are packaged in a batch size 1 process in a crosswise throughfeed. The KUPER Tandem principle with its 2 film stations guarantees a low film consumption without a loss of capacity. The KUPER - Side sealing station cuts film rests on the head and threshold side. The result is an appealing film package with a precise film seam for bar code recognition on the threshold side.