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Furniture - individual packaging concepts for components and assembled cabinets.

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Film-wrapping of furniture continues to have clear advantages and is currently experiencing a comeback. Low costs for film and a rate of complaints that was not improved by using full cardboard packaging has lead to furniture manufacturers changing their minds. For this sector, KUPER offers individual solutions for furniture designed for dismantling, furniture components or assembled cabinets with its KUPER KFL Ergofoil.

Application example: Furniture packaging with film

Flexible packaging line for furniture of various types linked with assembly stations and a discharge station. Sliding doors, cabinet sides, shelves and fully assembled small furniture pieces are packaged on commission. The KUPER KFL Ergofoil determines the item width fully automatically and selects the suitable film station without any delay.


The film consumption is reduced by 30 %. This saves material costs and protects the environment. Due to its optimised insulation and heat supply, the newly developed KUPER KST Shrink tunnel uses up to 35 % less energy than comparable tunnels in the market.

Packaging line for high quality living room furniture