Mattresses / box spring beds

Mattresses / box spring beds -
Packaging with and without shrink-wrapping.

Your product:

You produce standard mattresses, box spring mattresses, box spring beds or bedside cabinets in batch size 1? You are looking for a high-quality packaging solution with an appealing appearance with or without shrink-wrapping? You wish to package on commission and use the same system for various products? The KUPER KFL Ergofoil is the ideal solution for your problem.

Application example:

Packaging system for large items and parcels.

Large items, parcels made of several items and great film thicknesses - an ideal task for KUPER packaging lines. Our focus is on perfect product protection for large items. Shrink-wrapping creates a dust-protected package on which all edge protections are held in place and multiple items are protected from sliding.