Inspection and maintenance

Inspection and maintenance.

We are always ready to provide assistance, ideally before a defect occurs in your machine line or one of your machines. We offer convincing special offer packages, customised and always effective.

Enhanced safety: Your KUPER service team is always prepared.

It is prudent, cost-conscious and value-preserving to take measures in advance to prevent damage. And above all, it avoids downtime. Our highly specialised KUPER fitters inspect your equipment and machines, and draw up detailed inspection protocols to ensure reliable production.

Inspections include:

  • Preventative inspection to increase availability and avoid downtime
  • Adjustments if required
  • Cleaning
  • Analysis of the current state and repair recommendations
  • Care of components subject to wear such as guides, adjustment devices etc.
  • Remedy of small defects, and repairs if this does not require a large amount of time


Inspection contracts simplify your budget planning. Inspections on conclusion of a contract with scheduling can be terminated at any time. We can develop the optimum service strategy for your machines and make you a suitable special offer package. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email to

Advantages of the inspection contract

  • Minimisation of downtime by early detection of possible causes of failure -> optimised reliability and availability

  • Long-term value preservation

  • Regular inspection / re-adjustment of the machines' basic settings -> improved quality of the workpieces and therefore less rework required

  • Regular checking of the safety of the machines and machine lines including the issuance of an inspection tag -> increased legal protection

  • Fixed calculation basis for the annual inspection costs, although the contract can be terminated at any time