KUPER training centre

Learning in the KUPER training centre

Staff training is the key to the economic success of a company. And because we at KUPER offer considerably more in this respect, our training courses are always very well attended.

More information: Knowledge has a knock-on effect.

With well-trained personnel you will promote safety and reliability of machines and production. We know which details and lesson content are required, and we offer a training program customised to your requirements. We would like to invite you to our training centres in Rietberg, Korbußen or Berlin so that we can share our know-how with your team. We can teach you on PCs in our training centre and directly on machines on site.


We can also offer training at your premises. And we are always available for you even after training.

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Our KUPER trainers have years of experience and offer practical, individualised and flexible lessons. The number of participants is limited to six persons to allow intensive learning. The offer encompasses all levels of knowledge and everything that you need to know, including older control types if necessary so that you are also able to operate used machines.

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