Modernisation and conversions

Modernisation and conversions

We can assist you with any new project. Our experienced fitters will help you with all your questions and can give you support or recommendations regarding existing machines or new acquisitions. We can also monitor your internal procedures in order to determine the potential for optimisation.

Our experienced KUPER service technicians know their stuff. We know the state of the art and will recommend improvements only where they are really necessary. They range from software updates and computer replacements to complete modernisation of your factory.

Always available at KUPER:

  • PC-based automation solutions
  • Control system conversion
  • Computer replacement
  • Software updates
  • Safety devices
  • Improvements in energy efficiency 

Do you have a project coming up? Don't hesitate to contact us. The KUPER service team is available and looking forward to your veneer splicing, solid wood processing and packaging technology tasks.