The KUPER repair workshop in Rietberg.

More experience:
KUPER service technicians know everything there is to know about our machines.

It's all down to their experience. Our service technicians and fitters take everything in their stride when they repair your machine or assembly groups on site. Or at KUPER in Rietberg, because unlike many other suppliers who just sell machines, we have our own workshop so that we can get to the bottom of every defect. Upon request, we can also offer individual upgrades and retrofits for your production chain.


Benefit from our highly qualified employees who know everything there is to know about woodworking and veneer splicing machines, and packaging lines. Our experienced fitters will find every defect with their modern diagnosis tools and will have your machine ready for operation as fast as possible. Because who can afford downtime?

Perfectly equipped: The KUPER Repair workshop.

Just call us and describe the problem, and we will find the best way to repair your machine on site, or completely overhaul it in Rietberg.