Acquisition and commercialization

Used machine sales. Simple and with fair terms!

We will buy your used machine. Regardless whether as direct purchase, site marketing or as trade-in on a new investment. We also provide professional know-how to assist you with company dissolutions or insolvencies.Contact us. We take care of the rest and guarantee you a fair value as well as fast payment of the sale proceeds.


Sell your
used machine now!

KUPER does more.

Not only do we purchase your used machine, but we also provide you with complete service from a single source. Will you need a new machine after selling us your old one? We develop, produce and sell machines and production systems for manufacturing and the skilled trades. We would also be glad to help you with financing.

openKUPER continuously buys

You are restructuring your factory and want to sell your woodworking machines? We take them with pleasure and pay immediately as defined by your liquidity.

openKUPER commercialize your machines

With the commercialization of your used machines by KUPER, you benefit from our large database with lots of clicks every day.

openKUPER trades-in

You decided to buy a new or used woodworking machine from KUPER and want to sell the forerunning model? We trade it in. We take your old machine directly with us upon delivery of the new one.

openKUPER evaluates your machines

Trust on the professional evaluation of the current market value of your used woodworking machine. You can count on your KUPER expert.


  • Individualised solutions
  • Fast, flexible, uncomplicated, professional
  • Independent of manufacturer and brand
  • All sorts of extra services for every area of woodworking
  • Well-known, internationally operating company
  • Large, in-house service team
  • Dismantling, loading and transport all from a single source
  • Immediate pick-up upon request
  • Comprehensive spare parts service
  • Four service locations with direct contact partners

What our customers say

“In KUPER we have found a competent partner who gave us sound advice for our new machine purchase, as well as bought our old machine from us. And it was taken care of so quickly and with fair terms. We really appreciate the trouble-free processing and outstanding, dependable service.”

Florian Stecker • Friedrich Neumann Möbelfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

37696 Marienmünster