Morbidelli AUTHOR 503 S

4-Achs 2830 x 1000 mm
Morbidelli AUTHOR 503 S

Technical data

typeAUTHOR 503 S
part Id-no.2247160
year of construction1997
table length X2830
table width Y1000
working height Z80
C-axis 360 degreesyes
kind of tableconsole
drilling spindle horizontal X4
drilling spindle horizontal Y2
drilling spindle vertical18
main spindle7,5
tool entrySK 30
saw aggregate0-90 degrees
tool changer7-FACH
controlTRIA 7500
aggregate for tool changer1
vacuum pump100
transport measurement1
height 2300


year of construction: 1997
Used CNC machining center of MORBIDELLI,
type AUTHOR 503 SUPER, equipped as follows:

free arm version
prozessing size: 2830 x 1050 x 80 mm
with tool changer für max. 7 tools
400 volts, 50 cyc

automatic CNC-controlled central lubrication.
Controlled drawer valves on the extraction system
for the main drilling unit and milling unit.

switch cabinet:
operating voltage: 400 volts, 50/60 cyc.

circulation system/ workpiece tension:
working table with 8 workpiece pads and 2
rectangular teats each, bearing surface per teat
160 x 120 mm

bearing surface with pneumatic solvent- and locking system

- 4 lateral workpiece strokes with facility for 4 independently
fields of work( A-B-C-D) for the processing of rigt and
left workpieces
- 8 rear workpiece strokes

- 8 positioning aids for big and heavy workpieces

1 vacuum pump with 40 cbm/h.

1 main drilling unit:
18 independently vertical spindles in 32 mm center
distance, pretravel 60 mm
9 spindles in a line on the Y-axis for construction-
and fog holes
9 spindles in a line on the Y-axis for hole rows

3 horizontal drilling units with 6 independently spindles
2 x 2 spindles in X-axis in 32 mm center distance
1 x 2 spindles in Y-axis

1 milling unit7,5 kW:
automatic cright-/left-hand rotation
infinitely variable speed control from 1200 - 18000 rpm.,
full performance royalty from 12000 rpm.
ISO 30-quick release shot with safety toothing.

Execution of the machine with vector axis

1 automatic tool change device:
for 7 tools, max. tool diameter 160 mm.

safety system soft-Impact:
from the front accessible aggregates for
fast tooling.

CNC-control TRIA 7500:
at the MORBIDELLI control TRIA 7500 is no technical
terminology required.

- CNC-control with 32 Bit-multiprocessor
- multitasking for simultaneously execution of
multiple functions
- 14\\\" color screen
- integrated antireflection screen
- alphanumeric keyboard with extension on 18
function keys
- MS-DOS compatible floppy drive 3,5\\\"
1.44 MB
- 1 MB RAM
- 40 MB hard disk
- 2 serial connections
- editor guide
- computer with direct data transmission in the program
- grafic support for the working enhancements in every phase
- linear, cirlce and spirally interpolation
- expanded parameter programming with variables
- integrated CAD (programming by drawing)
- suport at the positioning of the teats and workpiece surfaces
- grafic presentation while workflow
- machine-head graphic with tool show
- drill optimization
- two-time advance-regulator
- automatic wear correction (tool length and diameter)
- control of the barcode reader

additional equipment
1 vector-axis of rotation
selectable by CNC-control for the use of angle gears,
not interpolating

1 adapter aggregate for replacement in the main drilling unit

1 vaccum pump 100 cmb/h instead of the standard

1 grooving unit, 1,5 kW 6000 rpm
swiveling 0-90 degrees, X-Y

transport size:
length 4800 mm
width 2350 mm
height 2300 mm
weight 3700 kgs