Graule ZS 85 NS

Graule ZS 85 NS

Technical data

machinecutt-off saw
typeZS 85 NS
part Id-no.2248261
year of construction2001
cutting height85
cutting depth380
saw blade diameter max.300
motor capacity2
feed manually
machine dimension 1
height 600


year of construction: 2001
Used cut-off and mitre saw GRAULE, type ZS 85 N-S,
equipped as follows:

table design
(tiltable), 400 Volts
three-phase brake motor 2,2 kW

For cutting-off as well as for horizontal
and vertical mitring cuts.

The drive with saw blade runs in a guiding arm,
beared in 4 spherical bushings. This arm is tiltable
up to 45 degrees for mitring cuts. Fix stops which can
be readjusted for 90 and 45 degrees.
Intermediate mitrings variable on well readable
The lower saw-blade protection hood can be connected
to an extraction.

Solid material support table out of lamina-glued
wood. Upright material stop out of metal.
For the cutting of lying mitrings the opening of the
stop can be adjusted.

The cut-off and mitring saw is with GS-design with the
additional marking << wood-dust verified>>.

Technical data:
Three-phase brake motor          400 V, 2,2 kW
                                 2800 rpm
saw-blade diameter               300 mm
bore of saw-blade                30 mm
machine weight                   approx. 75 kg
suction nozzle diameter          75 mm
cutting height                   85 mm
cutting length                   380 mm

Working areas:
cut-to size cuts 380 x 85 mm
mitring cuts, upright positioned saw blade
swivelled 45 degrees to the left or right 265 x 85 mm
mitring cuts vertical, saw blade
tilted 45 degrees to the left 380 x 60 mm

Special equipment:
hydraulic feed brake

length approx. 1000 mm
width  approx.  720 mm
height approx.  600 mm
weight approx.   90 kgs