Brandt F 13

Brandt F 13

Technical data

machinemilling machine
typeF 13
part Id-no.2243698
year of construction1998
height of work piece min-max12-55
edge thickness min. max.3
chamfer / radius milling1
machine dimension 1
height 1500


Year of construction: 1998
Used edge milling machine of BRANDT, type F 13,
equipped as follows:

For simultaneous upper and lower radius/flush-
milling of overhanging edge materials on straight
edges as well as cambered workpieces with
inside and outside radius.

Feeding with stopper rails for straight
edges and centric start-up rings for
sized parts.
Pneum. motor-spreading device for sized parts.
Fine adjustmen top and bottom.

Upper and lower milling motor pivoted tracingly
independently from each other.

milling works only allowed in counter direction!

Standard equipment:
- single-tracing rollers for sized parts
- blowing-off device on top for milling chips
- static frequency transformer 200 Hz,
  incl. motor braking

In case of voltage fluctuations bigger than +/- 10 %
a voltage stabilizer has to be built in on site.

Machine deliveries for EU-countries safety-related
equipped according to EC-rules 89/392/EWG, appendix I.

workpiece thickness (radius milling)  about 16 - 55 mm
workpiece thickness (chamfer milling) about 12 - 55 mm
workpiece width                    min. about    30 mm
workpice width                     min. about    35 mm
inside radius                      min. about    35 mm
                           (depends on edge radius and
                            workpiece contour)
edge thickness                     max. about     3 mm
milling tool            2 x WPL-radius cutter r = 2 mm
                        diam.67 x 21 x 16 mm, t = 4
milling motors                   2 x 0,35 kW, 11800 rpm
electrics                        400 V - 3 Ph. - 50 Hz
electrical connected load                       0,7 kW
pneumatic connection                              5 bar
extraction                           1 x diam.   80 mm
working height                                  900 mm

length  1250 mm  
width    850 mm
height  1500 mm
weight   250 kg