Brandt F 13

Brandt F 13

Technical data

machinemilling machine
typeF 13
part Id-no.2246390
year of construction1999
height of work piece min-max12 - 55
edge thickness min. max.3
chamfer / radius milling1
machine dimension 1
height 1500
siteat the customer site
cityBad Oeynhausen


ex location D-32545 Bad Oeynhausen
without any warranty
year of construction: 1999
***      available from week 24/2018     ***
used edge milling machine BRANDT F 13 equipped
as follows:

For simultaneous top + bottom radius/flush trim
of the overhanging edge material on straight
edges and shped workpieces with insided and
outside radii.

Equipped with stop rails for straight edges
and centric copy roller for shaped workpieces.

Pneumatic motor separating device for shaped
parts. Precise adjustment top and bottom.

Upper and lower trimming motors are indepen-
dently mounted and tracing.

Trimming works only in contrary direction to
workpiece direction.

Standard equipment:
- Double sensing rollers f. straight panels
- Single sensing rollers f. shaped workpieces
- Blow-off device for trimming chips
- Static frequency changer 200 cycles. incl.
  electronic motor brake

In case of main voltage fluctuations of more
than +/- 10 %, a voltage stabilizer must be
installed at customer\\\'s site.

Machines supplied into EU member countries
are built acc. to EUR safety regulations
98/37/EG, annex I.

workpiece thickn. (radius trim)  16 - 55 mm
workpiece thickn. (chamfer trim) 12 - 55 mm
workpiece width          min. approx. 30 mm
insdie radius            min. approx. 35 mm
            ( depending from edgres radius
              and workpiece shape )
edge thickness          max. approx. 3,0 mm
trimming tools:  2 x insert radius cutters,
               r=3 mm, diam. 67x21x16 mm,T=4
trimming motors      2 x 0,35 kW, 11.800 rpm
electrics             400 V - 3 ph. - 50 HZ
connected load                       0,7 kW
pneumatic connection                   5 bar
extraction                  1 x diam. 80 mm
working height                       900 mm

End trimming device EK 13
For exact end trimming of overhanging edge
materials on straight and shaped
workpieces, for mounting to edge trimming
machine F 13.
3-phase-motor 0,37 kW, 3000 rpm,
400 V - 3 Ph. - 50 Hz
End trim saw 100 x 32 x 2,6 mm, T = 20

length approx. 1450 mm
width  approx. 1100 mm
height approx. 1500 mm
weight approx. 250 kgs