Brandt KD 67 C

Brandt KD 67 C

Technical data

machineedge banding machine
typeKD 67 C
part Id-no.2178021
year of construction2000
work-piece width min.65
work-piece length min.160
height of work piece min-max8-40
edge thickness min. max.0,4-8
feed m/min.11
stop sideright
glue indicationglue roller
gluing aggregatehot melt glue
edge magazin roller3
edge magazin strips yes
edge magazin massive8
pressure zonestraight
chamfer / radius milling1
profile trimming / copying (2 motors)1
profile sliding blade bottom1
buffing aggregate top/bottom1
height adjustmentmanually
machine dimension 1
height 1800


Single-sided edge bander in right hand
execution for hot melt gluing, particularly
designed for craftsmen enterprises.

Quickly changeable gluing unit for granulated
hot melt glue.

Glue reservoir underneath the glue roller,
therefore avoiding the possibility of spillage
into the machine.

Glue application to the workpiece by means of
glue roller. No abjustment of the glue roller
is required when changing the workpiece thick-

The glue roller can be selected to rotate with
or against the workpiece feed direction.

Glue temperature control by means of electronic

Automatic reduction of glue temperature
in case of work stoppage.

Glue activation by means of infrared heater.

Automatic edge magazine for coiled
material and fixed lengths, incl. roller plate
diam. 800 mm

Equipped with heavy duty guillotine for cutting
thick PVC/ABS from the coil max. 3 x 45 mm.

Standard equipment with edge and panel distance
control with optic indicator.

Heavy pressure zone with driven, pneumatically
actuated main pressure roller and two idle
post pressure rollers.

Standard equipment with central lubrication
of chain track by hand.

Centralized adjustable top pressure.

Integrates line control for contactless control of
processing functions. Adjustable via keyboard and
Electric equipment with a modular control
system for an increased operator\\\'s comfort
and easy service.

Admitted temperature tolerance min. + 5 degees
max. + 35 degrees C.

In case of main voltage fluctuations of more
than +/- 10 %, a voltage stabilizer must be
installed at customer\\\'s site.

Machine delivery for EU-countries safety related
Equipped as per EC-regulations
89/392/EWG appendix I.

Technical data:
Edge thickness 0,4 - 8 mm
Coil cut-off max. 3 x 45 mm
Workpiece thickness 8 - 40 mm
Workpiece width min. 65 mm
Workpiece length min. 160 mm
Feed max. approx. 11 m/min.
Electrics 400 V - 3 Ph. - 50 cyc.
Pneumatic connection min. 6 bar
Connected load approx. 7 kW


for premelting container as well as quickly
changeable gluing unit with a low volume,
to be mounted instead of the standard gluing

end trimming unit chamfer/straight
for end trimming of the front and rear edge
material overhang with drawing cut for a high
degree of accuracy.
Edge dimensions: max. 8 x 45 mm
2 motors ea. 0,27 kW, 200 Hz, 12.000 rpm
Swivelling range straight to chamfer trimming
0 - 15 degrees, equipped with 2 end trim saws
diam. 100x32x2,6 m.

flush trimming unit top and bottom with vertical
and horizontal tracing  
Tilting range 0 - 15 degrees
2 motors each 0,40 kW, 200 Hz., 12.000 U/min.
Equipped with 2 WPL-combi cutters straight/radius
Diameter 56/50 x 16 x 16 mm, T = 4, r = 2 mm

countour trimming unit top and bottom
for copying of head edgings at post- and soft-
forming workpieces or rounded corners at
workpieces with a 4-sided-gluing of thick
PVC edge material. Processing of wooden edgings
depends on trials.
2 motors each 0,35 kW, 200 Hz, 12.000 1/min.
Standard equipped with 2 pc.
WPL-radius cutter r = 2 mm, diam. 73/61 x 16 x 16 mm
T = 3

scraping unit for PVC-edgings
Sensing from top, bottom or, laterally.
For chamfering or rounding of pre-trimmed
Max. edge thickness 3 mm.
equipped with 2 off reversible cutters  r = 2  mm

Buffing unit 2 motors
for non-slipping of the edges top and bottom
2 motors each 0,09 kW, single hanging-up,
adjustable in height and diagonally
2 molton discs diam. 120 x 20 mm

1 pneumacit package OPTIMAT
For electro-pneumatic axial movement of
Countour- and scraping unit and for
Electro-pneumatic adjustment of snipping unit
To chamfer/straight,
At edgebanding machines of KD 60 building series

Noise protection covering incl. Centralized suction
nozzle Durchm. 100 mm.
Total electrical load: approx. 7 KW
Air connection: 1/4\\\", min. 6 Bar, supply min. 1/2\\\"

length: 5000 mm
width: 1300 mm
height: 1800 mm
weight: 1650 kg