Brandt KD 76

- 12 mm
Brandt KD 76

Technical data

machineedge banding machine
typeKD 76
part Id-no.2243296
year of construction1991
work-piece width min.60
work-piece length min.160
height of work piece min-max10-55
edge thickness min. max.0,4-12
feed m/min.11
stop sideright
glue indicationglue roller
gluing aggregatehot melt glue
edge magazin roller3
edge magazin strips yes
edge magazin massive12
pressure zonestraight
chamfer / radius milling1
profile sliding blade bottom1
buffing aggregate top/bottom1
height adjustmentmanually
machine dimension 1
height 1600


Year of construction: 1991
Used edge banding machine of BRANDT, Type KD 76,
equipped as follows:

single-sided edge banding machine in right-hand
construction for hot melt gluing
edge thickness                         0,4 - 12 mm
workpiece thickness                     10 - 55 mm
workpiece width min.                         60 mm
workpiece length min.                       160 mm
feed approx.                                 11 m/min.
electrics 380 Volt - 3 Ph. - 50 Hz
connected load approx.                        6 kW
gluing unit for hot melt granulate
glue reservoir underneath of glue roller
glue spreading to the workpiece via glue roller,
switchable for normal and counter run
autom. edge magazine for roll material
and fixed lengths incl. reinforced pre-snipping cutter
pressure zone with dirven main pressure roll
as well as 3 iddle post pressure rolls
centralized adjustable top pressure
centralized manual chain conveyor lubrication

heated infeed fence

snipping unit chamfer/straight for front and behind
edge overhang
2 motors each 0,27 kW, 200 cyc., 12000 rpm.
pulling snipping cut

flush trimming unit top and bottom with
vertical and horizontal sensing
2 motors each 0,55 kW, 200 cyc., 12000 rpm.

noise protection hood with collective suction nozzle
diam. 120 mm

buffing unit top and bottom
2 motors each 0,18 kW, tiltable

frequency converter 200 cyc.
electr. motor brake for snipping and flush
trimming units

air connection 1/4\\\", 6 bar

length  4200 mm
width   1300 mm
height  1600 mm
weight  1250 kgs