Brandt KD 78-CF

- 12 mm, Fügen
Brandt KD 78-CF

Technical data

machineedge banding machine
typeKD 78-CF
part Id-no.2248265
year of construction1999
work-piece width min.65
work-piece length min.160
height of work piece min-max8-50
edge thickness min. max.0,4-12
feed m/min.11
stop sideright
glue indicationglue roller
gluing aggregatehot melt glue
edge magazin roller3
edge magazin strips yes
edge magazin massive8
pressure zonestraight
chamfer / radius milling1
profile trimming / copying (2 motors)1
profile sliding blade bottom1
buffing aggregate top/bottom1
height adjustmentmanually
machine dimension 1
height 1800


Year of construction: 1999
Used single-sided edge banding machine of BRANDT,
Type KD 78-CF, in handicraft right-hand design,
for hot-melt gluing, equipped as follows:

Technical data:
edge thickness                       0,4 - 12 mm
            roll cutting max.          3 x 45 mm
                  respectively       0,8 x 60 mm
workpiece thickness                    8 - 50 mm
workpiece width min.                       65 mm
workpiece length min.                     160 mm
feed max.                                  11 m/min.
electrics                  400 V - 3 ph. - 50 cyc
pneumatic connection min.                   7 bar

As standard equipped with manual centralized
lubrication for the conveying chain

centric adjustment of the top pressure

integrated straight-line control for the touchfree
control of the processing functions.
Adjustment via keyboard and LED-display.
Electrics with modular control system for
enhanced user comfort.

Variable infeed ruler

Join-milling unit 2 x 2,2 kW, 200 Hz,
for the joining before gluing unit, vertical
spindle adjustment, horizontal electro-pneumatic
control, 2 motors (1 x same direction,
1 x counter direction), max. chip removal / stroke 3 mm,
cover hood with connecting piece diam. 120 mm
set of DIA-cutting knives:

2 fix assembled DIA-cutter heads:
diam. 100 x 34 x diam. 30 mm, t = 3 + 3,
taper groove 8 x 3 mm, max. workpiece thickness: 30 mm

quick-change gluing unit for hot-melt glue

Quickmelt-gluing unit
Additional price for pre-melting unit and
quickly changeable and small-volume gluing
unit instead of standard gluing unit. With
heated outlet pipe.
Leak-proof glue storage underneath the glue
roller, thereby no contamination of machine.

Fine-dosable glue supply to the workpiece
by means of glue roller, no adjustment to
workpiece thickness needed.

Glue roller rotating direction either same
direction or counter direction. Glue temperature
control by electronic thermostat.
Automatic glue temperature reduction in case
of interruption of work.
Infra-red hot-melt glue activation.

Automatic edge magazine for roll material and
fix lengths, including roll plate diam. 800 mm.

Equipped with strengthened pre-cut saw for
thickn PVC/ABS max. 3 x 45 mm.

As standard equipped with workpiece pitch control
through visual display.

Heavy pressure zone with driven, pneumatic
main pressure roller as well as 2 free running
post-pressure rollers.

Snipping unit chamfer/straight
For the snipping of the front and rear edge
overhang with pulling cut for high precision.

Edge dimensions: max. 8 x 40 mm
                 max. 3 x 50 mm

2 motors each 0,55 kW, 200 cyc, 12.000 rpm
swivelling range straight to chamfer cutting 0 - 15 degrees
equipped with 2 cut saws diam. 100 x 32 x 2,6 mm

Milling unit 2 x 0,35 kW 0 - 25 degrees 200 cyc
For the flush-milling of the upper and lower edge
material overhang. 2 motors positioned side by side,
tracing vertically and horizontally,
manual lateral movement 30 mm
Height adjustment of the upper motor with the
top pressure.
Digital counters for quick adjustment.
Spindle ajustment for lateral tracing rollers.
Edge thickness max. 12 mm
Swivelling range 0 - 25 degrees
As standard equipped with
2 pcs. combined cutter heads radius/straight
diam. 78/83 x 19 x 16 mm, t = 4, r = 2 mm
(for workpiece thickness under 10 mm,
max. swivelling range 5 degrees

form-milling unit top and bottom, for the form-
milling of head edges on post- and softforming
parts and edge rounding of thick PVC-edges.
Wooden edges only possible limited, depending on
preliminary tests. Either chamfer or radius cutters
can be mounted
2 motors each 0,35 kW, 200 cyc, 12000 rpm
edge thickness max. 3 mm (radius)
As standard equipped with 2 pcs.
radius cutters r = 2 mm, diam. 58/50 x 12 x 16 mm
t = 4

Scraping unit for PVC-edges
tracing from top, bottom and laterally, for
the chamfering or rounding of pre-milled PVC-edges.
edge thickness max. 3 mm. Equipped with 2  
profile cutters r = 2 mm.

Buffing unit 2 motors
to make edges slip-proof on top and bottom.
2 motors each 0,09 kW, single hung-up,
variable in inclination and in height
2 molleton disks diam. 120 x 20 mm

Noise-protection cover incl. centric extraction
nozzle diam. 120 mm

Static frequency transformer 200 cyc

Electronic motor brakes for snipping and
milling units

Environmental temperature allowed min. +5 degrees/
max. 35 degrees Cels.

In case of voltage variations bigger +/- 10 %
a voltage stabilizer has to be built in on the

Safety requirements for EU-countries as per
EC-regulations 89/392/EWG appendix I.

Total electrical connected load    approx. 12 kW
Air connection:                    1/2\\\", 7 bar

length:  approx. 6000 mm
width :  approx. 1400 mm
height:  approx. 1800 mm
weight:  approx. 2400 kgs