Brandt KDF 350 C

- 3 mm, Fügen
Brandt KDF 350 C

Technical data

machineedge banding machine
typeKDF 350 C
part Id-no.2245286
year of construction2007
height of work piece min-max8 - 50
edge thickness min. max.0,4 - 3
feed m/min.11
stop sideright
glue indicationglue roller
gluing aggregatehot melt glue
edge magazin roller3
edge magazin strips yes
edge magazin massive3
pressure zonestraight
chamfer / radius milling1
profile trimming / copying (2 motors)1
profile sliding blade bottom1
flat sliding blade top/bottom1
height adjustmentmanually
electronic controlyes
machine dimension 1
height 1500


Year of construction: 2007
Used edge banding machine BRANDT, type KDF 350 C,
equipped as follows:

compact edge banding machine Optimat KDF 350 C

Single-sided edge banding machine in right hand
execution for hot melt gluing.

workpiece thickness                 8 - 50 mm
edge thickness:
fixed length:                    0,4 - 3,0 mm
                        max.       (3 x 55 mm)
                    coil cut-off 0,4 - 3,0 mm
                (max. 3 x 30 mm / 1,0 x 55 mm)
feed approx. .                          11 m/min.
electrics               400 V - 3 Ph. - 50 cyc.
connected load                  approx. 10 kW
compressed air connection                6 bar

gluing unit for granulated hot melt glue
Processing of PU-glue granulate possible,
considering glue processing regulations.

Glue reservoir underneath the glue roller.
Glue application to the workpiece by means of
glue roller with or against the workpiece feed direction.
Electronic glue pot temperature regulation.
Automatic glue temperature lowering in case
of interruptions of work.

contact heating shoe for workpiece pre-heating
for improvement of gluing through pre-heating
of workpiece edge.

automatic edge magazine for coiled material
and fixed length, incl. coil cutting unit
as well as coil disc diam. 800 mm.

pressure zone with pneumatic driven main pressure
roller as well as a special post-pressure roller
for compressure of top and bottom glue joint.
Infeed fence infinitely variable, with digital
position indication

Central adjustment of top pressure beam.
central lubrication of chain truck by hand
control panel at machine infeed

jointing trimming unit 2 x 2,2 kW 200 cyc.,
for jointing in front of the gluing part,
vertical spindle adjustment, electropneumatic
control horizontal, 2 motors (1 x parallel feed,
1 x counter feed) max. chip removal / lift 3 mm
equipped with 2 DIA jointing knives heads
diameter 100 x 43,6 x 30 mm, T = 3 + 3,
spline groove 8 x 3 mm.
workpiece thickness max. 40 mm.

snipping saw unit
for front and behind edge overhang
high-precision linear guide
2 motors each 0,18 kW, 200 cyc., 12.000 rpm..
pulling snipping cut for high accuracy .
swiveling range straight to chamfer snipping 0-15 degrees
equipped with 2 snipping saw diam. 100x2,6x32 mm T = 30.

pneumatic adjustment chamfer/straight
for adjustment of snipping unit from chamfer to straight

flush trimming unit top and bottom
with vertical and horizontal tracing .
2 motors each 0,27 kW, 200 cyc., 12.000 rpm.
edge thickness    max.  3 mm
workpiece thickness 8 - 50 mm
swiveling range 0 ? 15 degrees
equipped with 2 WPL-combi cutter straight/radius
diameter 56/50 x 12 x 16 mm, T = 4, r = 2 mm

pneumatic adjustment trimming unit,
for electro-pneumatic adjustment 2-point
adjustment of trimming unit.

profile trimming unit top and bottom
for profile trimming of head edges at postforming parts
and corner rounding of thick PVC-edges.
Wood edge only conditionally possible,
depending on prelminiary tests.
limitations in case of middle layers at
post-/softforming parts and extreme thin melamine-/foil
edges and surface materials
1 motor 0,35 kW, 200 cyc., 12000 rpm.
edge thickness max. 3 mm (radius)
workpiece thickness 40 mm
standard equipment with radius cutter r = 2 mm.

scraping unit for PVC-edges
tracing from top, bottom and lateral, for chamfering
and rounding of pre-trimmed PVC-edges.
edge thickness max. 3 mm, profile knife r = 2 mm.

chip collecting box for scraping chips with
extraction nozzle 100 mm

pneumatic adjustment scraping unit,
for lateral movement of scraping unit.

surface scrapping unit glue joint
For removal of adhesive residues in the area
of the glue joint.
Sensing from top and bottom. Height adjustment
with the top pressure beam.
Equipped with 2 reversible cutter knives

workpiece support extractable to 350 mm.
noise protection covering incl. centralized
extraction nozzle diam. 100 mm.

electrical equipment with modular
control system for easy service.

electronic control PC 16
BRANDT-control system with colour graphic -
user interface for easy and comfortable
operating and programming.

technical details:
- tiltable operator panel at machine infeed
- long-living short-lift foil keyboard
- colour graphic - flat screen
- industrial PC with compact flash disc as
bulk memory
- unit-function buttons with LED - status indication
- support of operator guidance by colour pictograms
- online language switching between several languages
- displaying of main machine nominal and actual status
- status reports in clear text
- easy selection and correction of line points
- easy possiblity of axis adjustment
(in case of corresponding unit construction)
- online help in clear text throuhg anytime callable
help message
- production data recording for production time,
- edge length and number of panels, as daily and total
- inspection- and maintenance interval display
- saving of processing programms
- production as per processing programms
- data saving of processing programms at disc

allowed environment temperature min. +5 degrees/
max. +35 degrees celsius.

In case of supply voltage fluctuations more than +/- 10 %
a constant voltage carrier hast o be installed place
of installation.

machine supplies for EU-countries safety technical equipped
as per EC guideline 98/37/EG, appendix I.

length:   3900 mm
width:     900 mm
height:   1500 mm
weight:   1100 kgs