Brandt KTD 72

- 3 mm
Brandt KTD 72

Technical data

machineedge banding machine
typeKTD 72
part Id-no.2243697
year of construction1998
work-piece width min.180
height of work piece min-max10-55
edge thickness min. max.0,5-3
feed m/min.4-9
feed speed infinitely variableyes
glue indicationglue roller
gluing aggregatehot melt glue
edge magazin roller3
pressure zonestraight
height 1150


Year of construction: 1998
Used edge banding machine of BRANDT, Type KTD 72,
equipped as follows:

Selectable direct glue supply either on the
edge material in case of sized parts or onto
the workpiece in case of straight parts.

For the gluing on straight edges and on irregular
formed workpieces with outside and inside radii.
For veneer and plastic edges
(thin pvc-edges and solid wood/multiple layer
veneer edges under reserve, depending on
edge thickness, material feature and workpiece

Granulate melting in melting box.

Thermostatic glue-temperature control.

Workpiece feed by driven pressure roller,
manual workpiece guiding.

Workpiece table infinitely inclinable up
to 45 degrees

Feed speed depending on edge material thickness
and form of workpiece.

Automatic edge infeed as well as roll-cutting
device; selective operation by table limit switch
(straight parts) or foot switch (sized parts),
incl. large roll plate, diameter 800 mm

In case of mains voltage variations larger than +/- 10 %
a mains voltage stabilizer has to be installed locally.

Machine supplies for European countries safety-related
as per European directives 89/392/EWG, appendix I.

workpiece length      min.       180 mm
workpiece thickness          10 - 55 mm
workpiece width       min.    ca. 30 mm
edge thickness             0.5 - 1,0 mm
       (if edge thickness is max. 60 mm)
                           0.5 - 3,0 mm
       (if edge thickness is max. 30 mm)
inside radius (gluing) min. approx. 25 mm
                       plus edge thickness
feed variable                  4 - 9 m/min.
connected load              approx.3 kW
electrics         400 V - 3 Ph. - 50 cyc.
pneumatics                         6 bar
working height                   925 mm

length  1200 mm (plus roll plate)
width    850 mm
height  1150 mm
weight   280 kg