Brandt KTV 51/F10

Fräse F 10 - 1 mm
Brandt KTV 51/F10

Technical data

machineedge banding machine
typeKTV 51/F10
part Id-no.2233373
year of construction1990
height of work piece min-max10 - 50
edge thickness min. max.0,5 - 1
glue indicationVORBESCHIC
chamfer / radius milling1
height adjustmentmanually
siteat the customer site


ex location 07570 Harth-Pöllnitz
without any warranty
for hot-melt glue prelaminated edges
for gluing at chamfer edges and
irregulary formed workpieces with
external and internal radii

Short up-heating time, only 2 minutes,
thermostatical temperature regulation.
Workpiece feed through driven pressure-roll
manu. workpiece guide

automa. edge infeed and roll cutting device,
electropneumatically controlled. alternatvely
operation throgh table-limit swicht (chamfer pieces)
or food switch (form pieces).
Autom. air current-turning

workpiece thickness                        10-50 mm
heating capacity                             3,0 kW
connected load                               3,5 kW
workpiece width min.                  approx. 25 mm
edge thickness                 approx. 0,5 - 1 mm
internal radius min.           approx.      25 mm
electrics 380 Volt - 3 ph. - 50 cyc.
pneumatic 6 bar
working height 850 mm

length 1050 mm
width   800 mm
height 1000 mm

BRANDT Milling Machine F 10
For simultaneous top and bottom flush trimming
and chamfering of the overhanging edge materials
in plastic and veneer of each kind.

Workpiece thickness       approx.  15 - 60 mm
Edge thickness            max.         1,2 mm
Internal radii                          50 mm
2 trimming motor                      0,26 kW
blowing-off device
pneumatical operation by foot switch
connection             380 V - 50 Hz - 5,2 kW

with mounted snipping device EK 11
for exact snipping of edge material overhangs
at panel endings, pulling cut
motor 380 Volt, 50 Hz., 0,12 kW

length 1000 mm
width   850 mm
height 1400 mm
weight  170 kgs