Brandt KTV51

- 2,5 mm
Brandt KTV51

Technical data

machineedge banding machine
part Id-no.2189750
year of construction1998
work-piece width min.25
height of work piece min-max10-85
edge thickness min. max.0,5-2,5
feed m/min.2-9
feed speed infinitely variableyes
glue indicationVORBESCHIC
edge magazin roller2,5
machine dimension 1
height 1250


for hot-melt glue prelaminated edges
for gluing at chamfer edges and
irregulary formed workpieces with
external and internal radii

Short up-heating time, only 2 minutes,
thermostatical temperature regulation.
Workpiece feed through driven pressure-roll
manu. workpiece guide

autom. edge infeed and roll cutting device,
electropneumatically controlled. Alternatively
operation through table-limit swicht (straight pieces)
or food switch (form pieces).
Autom. air current-turning

workpiece thickness                        10-85 mm
heating capacity                             6,0 kW
connected load                               6,5 kW
workpiece width min.                  approx. 25 mm
edge thickness               approx. 0,5 - 2,5 mm
roller separating max.                  1 x 85 mm
   in case of PVC max.                2,5 x 30 mm
internal radius min. in case of 1mm approx. 25 mm
internal radius min. in case of 2,5mm appr. 50 mm
feed                                      2- 9 m/min
electrics 380 Volt - 3 ph. - 50 cyc.
pneumatic                                    6 bar
working height                             830 mm

Extra equipment:
additional heating thick-PVC-edges
Heating blower with nozzle for softening of
PVC-edges (up to 2,5 mm thickness) in case
of form part gluing
connected load 3 kW  

length 900 mm
width   850 mm
height 1250 mm
weight  150 kgs