Hebrock AKV 88 F

Hebrock AKV 88 F

Technical data

machineedge banding machine
typeAKV 88 F
part Id-no.2241139
year of construction2000
edge thickness min. max.3
feed m/min.0 - 7
machine dimension 1
height 1250


Year of construction: 2000
Used Edge Banding Machine of HEBROCK Type AKV 88 F
equipped as follows:

edge banding machine for straight and cambered workpieces,
up to 3 mm
gluer each as per radius size, pneumatic pre-snipping,
driven pressure roll steplessly adjustable,
high-capacity hot air blower

max.edge thickness          approx.   3 mm
max. workpiece thickness    approx.  50 mm
min. internal radius up to  approx.   8 mm
feed                                0-7 m/min.
input power                         6,2 kW
voltage 230/400 Volt                 50 cyc.
working height                      865 mm

with second hot air blower
- with roll plate up to 800 mm
- additional support on the right/left 600 mm each
- extractable frame support

total power input up to 10,2 kW

length     2200 mm
width        800 mm
height     1250 mm
weight      225 kgs