Holzher 1487 V

- 15 mm, Fügen
Holzher 1487 V

Technical data

machineedge banding machine
type1487 V
part Id-no.2179277
year of construction2002
work-piece width min.60
work-piece length min.140
height of work piece min-max6-60
edge thickness min. max.0,4-15
feed m/min.16
stop sideright
glue indicationLEIMDÜSE
gluing aggregatehot melt glue
edge magazin roller3
edge magazin strips yes
edge magazin massive15 (25)
pressure zonestraight
flush milling1
profile trimming / copying (4 motors)1
profile sliding blade bottom1
flat sliding blade top/bottom1
buffing aggregate top/bottom1
height adjustmentpowered
electronic controlyes
height 2000


Single-sided edge banding machine in lefthand construction with
roller top pressure

- edge thickness:                   0,4 - 15 mm (25 mm)
- edge height:                           66 mm
- panel thickness:                    6 - 60 mm
- kind of edges:              coil and stripes material
- feed speed:           12/16 m/min.
- with adjustable infeed level in magazine area
- wth large magazine disc 820 mm diam. for edge rolls
  up to 800 mm diam.
- with conveying chain incl. automatic conveying rails lubrication
- with motorized position-controlled bridge-height adjustment
- with locking roll for shortest panel sequency
- with safety and noise protection hoods
  over the complete machine (exceptions possible
  in case of individual units)
- with centralized connection for extraction (1 x diam. 160 mm),
  for rough trimming unit (1 x diameter 120 mm)
  and optional for chip collecting box (1 x diam. 100 mm)

- programmable memory control (PLC) for
  rational rebuilding
  - swiveling operator panel in eye sight
  - dust-proof foil keyboard with softkeys
  - LED-display for unit pre-selection
  - large LCD-display clear text display and graphic
-    program list with program frames and -numbers
  - extensive program memory  (PCMCIA-card)
  - individual selection of units
    unit function in clear text and graphical support
     - automatic operating data logging with
    logging of total data as well as individual data per
    program for edge length, quantity and processing time
  - setting-up via fine adjustment
    (depending on equipment)
  - integrated line control ? line points
    are generally or program-specific saved
  - service signal in clear text
  - with interval display for shortest workpiece distance

1 colour screen SPK 18000 CO
LCD-colour screen, back-lighted, resolution
640 x 480 pixel,
adjustable to 8 different colours

basic machine:

1 spraying device for infeed area 1856
(non-stick agent)

1 spraying device for outfeed area 1856
(cleaning agent)

1 feed from 12/16 m/min

jointing trimming unit:
1 jointing trimming unit 1961
(2x2,0 kW, 200 Hz., 12000 min.-1)
With two immersion-controlled trimming unit
1. unit in normal run
2. unit in counter run
immersion way 5 mm
with statical frequency converter 200 Hz.
without trimming tools
(up to max. 13 mm edge thickness)
(only in connection with edge supply 1901)

special equipment for 1961:
1 infeed fence extended motorized adjustable

1 automatic height adjustment of tools by pneumatic

tool for 1961:
1 diamond cutter K/F 100-48-30 DKN, T = 2+2+2
in front left run, behind right run

edge magazine:
1 edge supply 1901
full-automatic for coil and strips material
incl. support disc diam. 820 mm
edge length min. 350 mm

glue spreading station:
1 glue spreading station 1906
(1 x 1,9 kW, 50 Hz)
for hot melt glue in cartridge form
glue spreading by nozzle technique
workpiece height 6 - 60 mm,
(depending on feed speed and glue viscosity)
magazine capacity:
  cartridge shaft: 4 cartridges (approx. 1,4 kgs)
heating-up time approx. 4-5 min.
feed max. 16 m/min.

special equipment for 1906:
1 automatic glue height adjustment (tracing nozzle)

1 pressure controller for regulation of cartridge pressing pressure

press work:
1 press work 1926 K, motorized
  up to 25 mm edge thickness with 3
  individual, intermittent-controlled pressure rolls,
  1. roll driven, 2 conic post pressure roll,
  program controlled adjustment of edge thickness via SPS

1 snipping unit 1918
(2 x 0,35 kW, 300 Hz., 9.000 rpm.)
For coil- and strips material up to 15 mm edge thickness,
compact unit with 2 sawing motors,
pneumatic swivelling 0/10 degrees
each saw blade is individual swiveling
incl. 2 saw blades diam. 110 x 22 x 3,6 mm, Z20

1 trimming unit 1920
(2 x 1,1 kW, 50 Hz, 12000 rpm.)
For flush- and radius trimming top and bottom
flush trimming up to max. 20 mm
radius trimming up to max. R = 3 mm
mounting length: 570 mm

trimming unit corner processing:
1 profile trimming unit 1934
(2 x 0,45 kW, 200 Hz, 12.000 rpm.)
trimming from bottom, for processing of front
vertical edge, of bottom longitudinal edge and rear
vertical edge;
incl. corner copying
inkl. frequency converter 200 Hz
inkl. tool, incl. reverse plates R=3 mm
possible radii: R=2, 3, 4, 5 mm
mounting length: 840 mm

1 profile trimming unit 1933
(2 x 0,45, 200 Hz, 12.000 rpm.)
trimming from top, for processing of front
vertical edge, top longitudinal edge and rear
vertical edge;
incl. corner copying
inkl. frequency converter 200 Hz
inkl. tool, incl. reverse plates R = 3 mm
possible radii:  R= 2, 3, 4, 5 mm
mounting length: 800 mm

equipment for 1934/1933:
with special tools also for chamfering 15 degrees + 45 degrees
with 2 digital counters for sensing ring, horizontal,
with digital counter for horizontal adjustment,
with digital counter for adjusting of sensing ring
for cutter (2 pc. horizontal/vertical)
feed up to 24 m/min. for longitudinal edges
up to 16 m/min.; for corner rounding
radii up to 5 mm
workpiece thickness up to 30 mm

special equipment for 1934/1933
1 profile trimming unit 1934 motorized
(incl. 3 servomotors)

1 profile trimming unit 1933 motorized
(incl. 3 servomotors)

scraping unit:
1 scraping unit 1929
with manual adjustment of horizontal tracing rollers,
for chamfer and radii up to max. R = 3 mm,
with 2 scraping unit carrier, incl. reverse plate R 3 mm
with 2 digital counters for horizontal tracing rollers and
chip scraper
(only in connection with pneumatic adjustment)
mounting length: 300 mm

special equipment for 1929
1 pneumatic immersing and emerging top and bottom separated
up to edge thickness 30 mm (lift 35 mm)

1 chip collecting box

surface scraping unit:
1 surface scraping unit 1964
top and bottom separate intermittent-controlled
for scraping of glue residuals for a clean glue joint,
incl. 2 blowing nozzles, incl. 2 reverse knives

1 buffing unit 1944 K
(2 x 0,2 kW, 50 Hz., 1.400 min.)
for cleaning and polishing of edges with
2 textile discs
inkl. immersion control,
swiveling range 0-5 degrees
mounting length: 340 mm

electrical connected load 52 A, 17 kW
air connection 3/8\\\", min. 7 bar

length:  7600 mm
width:   1300 mm
height:  2000 mm
weight:  2800 kgs