Homag FKR 79/05/QA

- 14 mm, Fügen
Homag FKR 79/05/QA

Technical data

machineedge banding machine
typeFKR 79/05/QA
part Id-no.2189412
year of construction1992
work-piece width min.85
height of work piece min-max7-60
edge thickness min. max.1,4-14
feed m/min.10-30
feed speed infinitely variableyes
work-piece overhang40
stop sideright
glue indicationglue roller
gluing aggregatehot melt glue
edge magazin roller0,4-3,5
edge magazin strips yes
edge magazin massive14
pressure zonestraight
flush milling1
chamfer / radius milling2
profile trimming / copying (4 motors)1
universal trimming unit2
profile sliding blade bottom1
flat sliding blade top/bottom1
buffing aggregate top/bottom1
height adjustmentpowered
electronic controlyes
height 1900


Used edge banding machine of Homag
type FKR 79/05/QA equipped as follows:

work-piece width min. 85 mm
height of work piece min-max 7-60 mm
edge thickness min. max. 1,4-14 mm
feed 10-30 m/min.
feed speed infinitely variable
work-piece overhang 40 mm
stop side right
jointing-/profile-trimming 1
glue indication glue roller
gluing aggregate hot melt glue
edge magazin roller 0,4-3,5 mm
edge magazin strips  
edge magazin massive 14
pressure zone straight  
snipping chamfer-straight
flush milling 1
chamfer / radius milling 2
profile trimming / copying (4 motors) 1
universal trimming unit 2
profile sliding blade bottom 1
flat sliding blade top/bottom 1
buffing aggregate top/bottom 1
height adjustment powered
electronic control

length 13800 mm
width 2000 mm
height  1900 mm