Brandt FP 10

Brandt FP 10

Technical data

typeFP 10
part Id-no.2245459
year of construction1990
work-piece width min.80
work-piece length min.150
height of work piece min-max55
edge thickness min. max.3
machine dimension 1
height 1500


year of construction: 1990
Used form milling machine of BRANDT,
type FP 10, equipped as follows:

For stationary form milling of upper edges
on post and softforming work pieces, as
well as for radius milling of thick PVC-edges
on rectangular workpieces at 3- or rather
4- site gluing.

Processing of symmetric post and softforming profiles
after manual tread depth adjustment.

Equipment with workpiece stop system, clamping
cylinder, 1 motor 500 watt, 27000 rpm., horizontal
and vertical workpiece scanning with follower roll/
shoe. Standard equipment with radius cutter r= 2
or r= 3 mm.

Aggregate management on precision round guides vertiacal/
horizontal, automatic elektric-pneumatic control incl.
hydraulic damping cylinder.

Permissible ambient temperature min. +5 degrees/ max. +35
degrees Cels. If the mains voltage fluctuations is higher
+/- 10%, a constant voltage carrier has to be installed on
the site of operation.

Softforming tread depth max. 80 mm
workpiece width min. 80 mm
workpiece length min. 150 mm
workpiece thickness max. 55 mm
edge thickness max. 3 mm
(depends on radius and edge material)
milling tool HM-WPL-radius cutter r=2 or r=3
(WPL chamfer cutter as additional equipment)
electic 230 volt, 1 Ph., 50/60 cyc
pneumatic connection 6 bar

length 820 mm
width 650 mm
height 1500 mm
weight 150 kgs