Holzma HCL 11/43/22

- 4300 mm
Holzma HCL 11/43/22

Technical data

machinepanel saw
typeHCL 11/43/22
part Id-no.2081526
year of construction2007
cutting height125
cutting length4300
cutting depth4300
motor capacity18
scratching motoryes
program fenceyes
electronic controlyes


*** SPECIAL PRICE: EUR 69.500,00 ***
ex stock Rietberg, without any warranty
Angle-Panel separating line HOLZMA
FIXOMAT 11, Type HCL 11

1. Feeding
Feeding is done via roller conveyor provied by the customer
The panel is positioned in front of the clamping pliers when
the programme feeder of the longitudinal side is positioned
at the rear position. After release signal the roller
conveyor is lifted and the saw takes over the package
with the clamping pliers.

Technical Data:
saw blade overlapping                       125 mm
saw blade feed, forward              5 - 130 m/min.
               backwards, constantly     130 m/min.
programme feeder speec, forward           80 m/min.
                                backwards 80 m/min.
(in EU-countries forward = 25 m/min.)

Control Siemens, IPC
Operating software CADmatic 4.0
Operating system Windows
Monitor 17-Zoll TFT flat display
Modem analog

angle pressure device
min. pressure width                          0 mm
max. pressure width            cpl. cutting length

main saw motor                              18 kW
pre-scoring motor                          2,2 kW
working height                            1025 mm

pressed air                                 6 bar
operating voltage                   400 V / 50 Hz
lacquering        struktur lacquer grey RDS 240 80 05

operating temperature min.                   + 5 Grad
operating temperature max.                  + 35 Grad
For exceeding or undercut a cooling agregate (No. 6755)
must be installed

quality standard:
- CE-, GS-proof, FPH-Holzstaub proof
- the line is equipped with all necessary safety standards

customized machine data
cutting length longitudinal saw                      4300 mm
cutting length cross saw                             2200 mm
clamping pliers longitudinal saw (1-finger)          4 pieces
clamping pliers cross saw (2-fingers)                6 pieces

special ececution:
- 1 turning device 3200/3800/4300, Type 380/11/510

- 7 LFDM machine table support,
  formica with nozzles for sensitive material
  for Type 380 Profiline / 510

- 1 roller in fleece execution

- 1 scrap flap 2200 mm

- 1 moving carriage one-sided at cross saw 2200 mm

- 1 change of clamping pliers position cross saw
  bigger distances of clamping pliers to clamping
  pliers provice a distance wide enough to store
  air nozzles in this area. The bar between two
  fingers within a clamping pliers is done with a
  free boring, so air is permanently escaping.
  With this new arrangement a retrofitting of
  additional clamping pliers is not possible.

Clamping pliers separation
  75, 275, 475, 775, 1375, 1875 mm
- 1 remaining part transport via saw
  min. dimension 650 x 350 mm
  infeed of parts from side via roller conveyor provided
  by the customer, reference directly behind the right
  side guide of longitudinal saw (in passage direction).
  Remaining parts are turned by shifting of clamping pliers,
  additional roller rails, alignment flap in the longitudinal
  saw and additional underflood transprot devices through
  the machine. All other panels are transported as usal in the
  middle via the roller conveyor provided by the customer to the
  longitudinal saw..

- 1 data supply online + USB-Port

- 1 production feedback for PPS-Systems

- 1 cooling aggregate for angle lin