Holzma HEE 43/22

4300 x 2200 mm
Holzma HEE 43/22

Technical data

typeHEE 43/22
part Id-no.2239486
year of construction1997
transport measurement1
height 1600


Year of construction: 1997
Used Feeding Automat of HOLZMA, type HEE 43/22 Econo-Lift,
equipped as follows:

Elektro-hydraulic lift table of special type
for the automatic panel infeed of single panels
or packages directly on the air-cushion tables
of the saw.

Input of panels to be feeded by touch pad of
the Econo-Lift

lift table                       4300 x 2200 mm
max. capacity                              7 tons
roller spacing                           600 mm
roll diameter                            108 mm
roller conveyor                     undriven

panel thickness min.                       6 mm
max. stacking height when set-up evenly at panel cutter
  type series 81                         650 mm
  type series 82                         590 mm
  type series 11                         680 mm
  type series 22                         680 mm
  type series 33                         740 mm
max. stack height when set-up in a pit   840 mm

with micro-infeed
max. package weight
  in case of sanded raw chipboard       1000 kp
  in case of coated chipboarde          2500 kp

Feet                                    2 pcs
air-cushion table                       1 pc
operating voltage              400 V / 50 cyc

shipping dimensions:
length    6000 mm
width     2400 mm
height    1600 mm
weight    3000 kgs