Scheer FM 14-1250

1250 mm
Scheer FM 14-1250

Technical data

machinepanel saw
typeFM 14-1250
part Id-no.2246277
year of construction1991
cutting height1050
cutting length1250
cutting depth4200
motor capacity7,5
scratching motoryes
program fenceyes


year of construction: 1991
Used panel dividing saw SCHEER, type FM 14-1250,
equipped as follows:

cutting length                             1250 mm
cutting height                              105 mm
saw motor                                   7,5 kW
scoring motor                               2,2 kW

with hardened, mainenance-free longitudinal guides,
with extraction channels in machine\\\'s foot and pressure beam,
feed speed 2 - 40 m/min.

angle stop table for front mounting,
table size 1480 x 790 mm air-cushion device
angle ruler extendable up to 3000 mm with folding stop

angle stop table HP 5002 for rear mounting
stop deep up to 4200 mm
air-cushion device

The pneumatically liftable stop slider at this
table version is moved at the front and at the back
the machine attached hand wheels and a chain drive.
IT can be locked pneumatically in any position until the
maximum stop depth.
A digital measurement reading for single and striped
sections is integrated in the dash panel of the FM 14.

extraction nozzle at pressure bar 180 x 65 mm
extraction nozzle at machien body 140 mm
total connected load 380 Volts, 50 cyc., 10.3 kW