Scheer PA 4136 DNC

3100 mm
Scheer PA 4136 DNC

Technical data

machinepanel saw
typePA 4136 DNC
part Id-no.2245473
year of construction2002
cutting height70
cutting length3100
cutting depth3150
motor capacity7
scratching motoryes
program fenceyes
electronic controlyes


Year of construction: 2002
Used panel dividing saw SCHEER, type PA 4136 DNC,
equipped as follows:

cuting length         3100 mm
stop depth            3150 mm
cuting height           70 mm

The machine composed of:

1 panel saw FM 20-3100
- heavy machine body as welded frame construction
  pultruded rectangle steel tube profile.
  25 mm strong steel panel as machine table and
  additional metatarsal pair.
  The bending forces that take effect through the clamping process
  on the cutpiece will complete absorb through the
  A \\\"recut\\\" of the saw blade - activate through suitable forming
  of the cutpiece - will avoid safety.
- with above lying, one-sided forced leading saw carriage-leading
  system. The low lying focus of the saw carriage guarantees a
  ideal easy cut.
- The saw carriage as heavy ladle honey combs constructions
  is covered for ideal vibration absorption.
- Automatical prior and return flow of the saw unit, road and
  time optimized based of the cutting plan datas.
- Saw carriage feed via frequency-controlled motor and chain-drive
- power train of the driving motors to the saw blade over gear belt
- Automatical height adjustment of the main saw blade will carried out
  program-controlled or at the operator panel
- Height and lateral adjustment of prescoring saw blade
  shall be conducted with driven machine
- Saw blade fast clamping system / system \\\"ProLock\\\"
- Tie beam with integrated parallel adjustment via
  toothed rack system, contact pressure pneumaticaly-
  adjustable via manual control unit.
- Exhausting canal within the machine rack, tie beam and
  saw outlet hood.
  The emission value of 0,65 mg/m³ will further confirmed through
  the BG-testing cerificate \\\"wood dust certificated\\\" through the
  required limit value of 2 mg/m³.
- Safety arrangement: - Tie beam safety device
                      - fins protection curtain
                      - emergency stop counter of both sides
                        of the machine
                      - protection hood locking
                      - CE mark / GS mark

Technical Details:
Cutting length                        max. 3100 mm
Cutting height                        max.   70 mm
Saw blade overhang
stepless till                         max.   77 mm
diameter main saw blade                     305 mm
speed main saw blade (50 cyc)      approx. 4400 rpm
Diameter prescoring saw blade               200 mm
working height                     approx.  930 mm
saw carriage feed stepless
adjustable                               0 - 40 m/min.
saw carriage return flow lowered             50 m/min.
feed device against the angle stop
drive power saw motor                       7,0 kW
drive power prescoring motor                1,1 kW
saw carriage drive                         0,75 kW
electr. connection            400 V, 50 cyc., 3 Ph
pneum. connection                   10 mm LW, 6 bar
air consumption          approx. 2´15 NL with 6 bar /Takt
exhaustion                     3 x diameter 140 mm LW
exhaust power                 3300 m³ with v=20 m/sec.

1 angle pressing device WP 5033-3100
for conformal spreading one or more longitudinal strips.
One of a linear bearing driven slide will already be positioned prior
construction of the first cross-section near of the needed end position
based on the cutting plan datas.
The pneumatic retractable compression level which is on this slide
is available for the following pressing process in short time.

Press- or rolling up marks will be avoided, because:
- the contact pressure laminar, will not punctual deposit
- the press lever material is not liable to abrasion or rather
  friction at all

adjustable range              0-2200 mm
contact pressure         approx. 480 N

1 material feed table HP 5050-1 - 31x31
for rear assembly on the basis machine, composed of:
- steel-base with both-sided lying, pultruded rectangle
  steel tube profile.
  After conformed mechanical processing the profiles
  conduce to combined base body for:
  - hardened and grinded round wave as guideway for
    the material spacer
  - sliding surface for underside counter surface
  - rack as fixed components of the spacer drive
- machine table, composed of double conveyor and
  slotted \\\"Pertinax\\\"-laminate panel in the sector of
  the angle stop
- material spacer in solid, diagonal stable steel frame
  construction for guarantor of permanent parallelism
  of the clamping fingers.
  Hardened concave conveyors save in the co-operation with
  the round waves in the material feed table guiding accuracy
  and long-life cycle of the systems.
  The drive of the material spacer take place through
  servomotor with \\\"Revolver\\\" - measurement technique.
  Big dimensioned Cardan shaft link rollers in the same length
  resume the power train to the outside lying gear wheels,
  gentle clamping and to the slip free transport of the panels.
- parallel stop, composed of vertical full floating clampings

Technical Details:
stop depth                              max. 3150 mm
feed speed                              max.   25 m/min.
return flow speed                       max.   50 m/min.
positioning accuracy of material
spacer                                    +/- 0,1 mm
number of the conveyors                         4
number of the clamping fingers                  6
splitting of clamping fingers 80/272/464/820/1680/2540/3400 mm
drive power                           approx. 1,1 kW

1 angle stop table / left HP 5025
for for-sided assembly an the basis machine.

- high-precision worked steel profile as angle stop
- extensive table overlay consist of abrasion-proof
- size 1720 x 800 mm

1 air cushion device LK 5030
for angle stop and workpiece supporting table

- central, powerful radial ventilator for the
  supply of the air cushion table

ball valve raster                    64 mm
excited planar press          max. 2800 N/m²
(with 100 % efficiency)

1 switch cabinet
Dust-proof, vented and positioned separate from the machine.
Therefore the flush-mounted elements are protected effective
against vibrations and pollution.

control and drive concept
- innovative automation concept on the base of a PC integration
  with S5 functionality

- optimization program \\\"Optimin