Altendorf TKR 45

1400 mm
Altendorf TKR 45

Technical data

machinesliding table saw
typeTKR 45
part Id-no.2245784
year of construction1986


Year of construction: 1986
Used sliding table saw ALTENDORF, type TKR 45,
equipped as follows:

sliding carriage                        1400 mm
with tilting arm
cutting width on the right of saw blade 800 mm
saw blade hydraulically variable in height,
depth and 45 degrees in inclination
digital angle indication
for saw blade diameter                   450 mm
bore of saw blade                         30 mm
motor 380 volts, 50 cyc                  4,5 kW
rotational speed         3000/4000/5000/6000 rpm
with parallelogram protection hood
extraction nozzle                   80 + 120 mm
support in the back                      850 mm

length    approx. 2400 mm
width     approx. 1500 mm
height    approx. 1450 mm
weight    approx.  950 kg