Kuper FWM 420

420 mm
Kuper FWM 420

Technical data

machineveneer splicing machine
typeFWM 420
part Id-no.2243859
year of construction1977
throat depth of support420
feed m/min.6
veneer thicknesses approx.2
standard heating tubeyes
machine dimension 1
height 450


Year of construction: 1977
Used veneer splicing machine KUPER, type FW Mini 420,
equipped as follows:

For the joining of veneers from about 0.4-2.0 mm.

The KUPER gluethread applied in a wavy line by a
heating tube guarantees a tight and strong joint.
The spliced sheets are placed face down for pres-
sing, no complicated sanding necessary.

The ideal machine for smaller veneer quantities
with the technical advantages of all the KUPER
Zig-Zag veneer splicing machines.

Specific features

* disc drive system with tolerance compensation
* stainless steel working table
* chromium plated pressure roller
* 7-step switch for regulating heating
* start- /stop-footswitch

Technical Data

Throat depth                 420 mm
Feed speed                   approx. 6 m/min.
Veneer thickness             approx. 0.4-2.0mm
Drive                        200V electric motor
Voltage                      230V  50 cycl.

standard accessories:
1 set of tools, 1 operating manual

length 610 mm
width  320 mm
height 450 mm
weight  22 kgs