Woodworking machines for veneer cutting – Made in Germany

Efficient veneer processing is a no brainer with the woodworking machines from KUPER. You can find any machine from veneer cutting to veneer splicing, in order to create a more cost efficient veneer processing routine. KUPER has developed machines for veneer processing for more than 40 years: the focus in on great usibility and safety while working with the machines, as well as extremely precise veneer cutting.

Veneer cutting machines offer highly efficient trimming of veneer packages due to their powerful blade movement and the narrow construction. The parallel veneer cutting combined with accurate alignment allow a high cutting quality. Flexible operational work as well as a recordable program flow allow for a smooth flow of veneer processing.

KUPER also offers economic solutions for veneer splicing. The intuitive control system is combined with sharp sensors for scanning the veneer packages and material-protecting veneer splicing; here, individual solutions for short, thin, and wavy veneers are available. There is also a space-saving option for veneer waste: The veneer waste chopper from KUPER allows effective and low-noise cutting of veneer waste.