KUPER Glue Thread

The KUPER Glue Thread at its best.

The Glue Thread. A KUPER Quality Product.

More than 50 years experience – "Made in Germany".

KUPER has invented the method of veneer splicing and has more than 45 years of experience in the production of glue threads. Today KUPER offers glue threads for all different applications. The threads are technically matching to the different production methods and heating systems of the KUPER machines and are continuously being adapted to new developments in the machinery sector.

Whatever problem you have to solve in veneer splicing – KUPER offers a wide range of different types of glue thread for face veneers, constructional veneers or plywood core-layers.

Due to more than 50 years experience we are able to fulfill your requirements regarding temperature, viscosity and tear strengths of needed KUPER glue threads.