KUPER CVX – Strong bonding of plywood cores.

Strong bonding of plywood core layers.

Efficient production of plywood core layers in the KUPER veneer clipper and the KUPER veneer core composer CVX. The parallel cut, the veneer composing, the cut-to-size and the stacking are realized in one production line by one operator only.

The veneer clipper is first of all cutting the front and the rear edge of the peeled veneer strips before they are transported directly into the veneer composer CVX. Then the strips are joined by using KUPER glue threads, cut to size and carefully stacked.

Defects in the veneer can be marked and cut out automatically.  For the production of faces, the KUPER Clipper can also be supplied in line with the KUPER Crossfeed Veneer Splicer FWQ.

openTechnical data KUPER CVX

Working width CVX 1700900 – 1650 mm
Working width CVX 28001200 – 2800 mm
Veneer thicknessapprox. 1 – 4 mm
Venner strip width transverse to the fiber direction 50 – 1200 mm
Width of veneer strips across the grain  30 – 40 m/min.
25 – 35 m/min. at inline operation with the Clipper
Possible heater distance  min. 150 mm
max. 400 mm




Here you can download the brochure as PDF file.
» KUPER brochure Core Composing Machine CVX

New features

Alignment of the veneer strips in throughfeed
High throughput, as no cycle time is required for alignment and thread turning.

Specially developed heating system for the glue threads
Splicing is possible with the wide KUPER XXL glue threads or KUPER round glue threads, as required.

Variable arrangement of the heaters
Glue threads can be applied from top or bottom, or simultaneously from top and bottom, as required.

Extremely fast stacking unit
The new stacking unit can deposit up to 12 veneer layers per minute.

Remote maintenance via modem
This allows the following: Status checks, fault diagnosis and software updates. 

Additional technical data upon request. Illustrations may contain options. Additional components such as control cabinets, safety facilities e.g. are maybe not shown. Subject to design modification.