Veneer Cutting

KUPER offers a range of woodworking machines for veneer cutting:

  • veneer jointing guillotines
  • veneer saw
  • single knife veneer guillotines
  • double knife veneer guillotine
  • veneer waste choppers

All KUPER woodworking machines are well designed and operatable easily. The System Josting veneer-jointing guillotine has a slim design and is perfect for economic cutting of lengths of veneer bundles. Its quick and powerful knife allows for precise and easy cutting.

The veneer saw KUPER FSH is the first choice for highly precise parallel veneer cutting of any veneer thickness.

The one knife veneer guillotine is a veneer cutting machine made for straight and parallel cutting. The cuts are of extremely high quality thanks to the special motion knife that cuts at an angle of 20°. The easy alignment of veneers as well as the clearly visible marking of the cutting line by means of a green guide light makes veneer cutting very efficient and intuitive.

The double knife allows for simultaneous cutting by the top and bottom knife and results in especially fast production cycles. The powerful swinging and drawing motions of the knife results in cuts of a very high quality. Several modes of operation and storable operation programs make this veneer cutting machine extremely easy to use.