KUPER ZFS 3200 System Josting

Cuts veneer packs exactly parallel and straight on two sides with a top and bottom knife.

Function KUPER ZFS System Josting

The veneer pack is placed on the machine table and up against the limit stop. The rear cutting line is clearly indicated by a guide light and the front cutting line by an optimization laser. Once the cuttingwidth is entered, the cutting cycle is executed: The table moves intocutting position, the pressure bar clamps the veneer pack in place, and the top and bottom knife cut the pack ready for jointing. When the cutting cycle is completed, the table returns to the alignment position. Veneer strips are cut only with the top knife in incremental mode.

High-speed positioning drive

The machine table with the bottom knife can be adjusted for various width dimensions by means of a high-speed positioning drive. First the pressure bar clamps the veneerpack, then the top knife cuts downwards towards the table and the bottom knife upwards towards the pressure bar.

Option finishingcut

Rough cut + finishing cut = Super veneer joints. No break-outs from the bottom of the veneersheets. Tighter joints with all types of veneer.

Schematic drawing

openCutting lenghts KUPER ZFS

ZFS 3200  3210 mm

openTechnical data KUPER ZFS

Insertion height   80 mm
Cutting range20 – 470 mm
Pressure bar  3 Hydraulic cylinders, 2 pressure stages
Top knifebrake motor, gearing, crank drive
Bottom knife1 hydraulic cylinder
Operating voltage standard400 V, 3 Ph, 50 cycl. or special voltage
Total connected loadapprox. 12 kVA

Visible marking of cutting line

Clearly visible marking of the cutting line by means of a guide light. 

Cuts of highest quality

Straight and parallel cutting of the veneers – Maximum precision in cutting ensures the tight-joint splicing after the cut for all kinds of veneer.

Swinging and powerfull drawing motion

Cuts of highest quality thanks to the swinging and powerfull drawing motion of the knife at an angle of approx. 20°.

Easy operation

Telescreen positioning control system fordiverse modes of operation and storableprogram operations.

Less veneer scrap

An adjustable optimization laser reduces the amount of veneer scrap.

Saving of time

The machine has a cutting capacity of approximately 2 to 3 packs per minute. This includes inserting, aligning, cutting and removing the veneer.

Additional technical data upon request. Illustrations may contain options. Additional components such as control cabinets, safety facilities e.g. are maybe not shown. Subject to design modification.