Veneer Splicing Machines

KUPER offers a range of machines for veneer splicing. All of them allow for a cost efficient and user friendly splicing of veneers with a new intuitive user interface.

  • Zig zag veneer splicing machines: The zig zag machines guarantee for tight joints and effective splicing with the help of a disc-drive with tolerance compensation. Temperature adjustment is possible when the machine is standing still, as well as in operation mode.
  • Glue application machine: The KUPER glue application machine offers a precise glue application and is compatible with the other KUPER machines for a fluent production flow. Its cleaning is easy and fast.
  • Fanning machine: The KUPER fanning machine allows for automatic fast fanning of the veneers instead of time consuming manual fanning.
  • Glueing machines: The KUPER glueing machines join the veneers without staining the material. They have extremely narrow heating zones.
  • Crossfeed veneer splicers: These machines join preglued veneers. A precise and efficient output is achieved by an intelligent servo drive
  • The inbinding and trimming units: These units allow for fast and safe adjustments of working widths with the help of the intelligent servo drive.