KUPER FLI 1000 – Joining precious veneers precisely.

KUPER FLI 1000: Veneer gluing with efficiency for high performance.

The KUPER FLI 1000, the bestseller of the wide range of KUPER veneer splicing machines combines innovation and proven technology.

Innovative technology in connection with highest manufacturing standards ensures precise veneer splicing.The result of the new KUPER FLI 1000 is a proven heat supply method, simultaneous application of contact pressure and precise guidance of the valuable material, connected with an intelligent energy management. The insensitive control panel, which can also be easily operated with gloves, displays all parameters and considerably reduces the machine start-up time. The innovative glue application system ensures precise glue application to each veneer thickness. The performance range of the machine is additionally extended by an optionally available compact cooling unit, which prolongs the glue pot life essentially or by the option packets for processing micro and thick veneers. The feeding speed is increased when processing preglued veneers.

Advantages at a glance

high effinciency plastic chains prevent heat conduction and stains

Heating system with high efficiency
and an effective heating width of only 12 mm

Intelligent energy management system
with increased capacity and improved standby mode

Innovative veneer infeed device
with disc gear and tolerance compensation mechanism for an offset-free infeed

Integrated glue application system
for single side application up to a veneer thickness of 2.5 mm

Insensitive control panel
with storage function

    openTechnical Data KUPER FLI 1000

    Throat depth 1000 mm
    Veneer thickness*approx. 0.4 – 2.5 mm,
    optional from 0.25 mm and up to 5.0 mm*
    Veneer lengthfrom approx. 300 mm
    Veneer widthfrom approx. 35 mm
    Feed speedapprox. 12 – 55 m/min.
    Heating zoneLength: 1425 mm
    Width: 12 mm
    Operating voltage400/230 V, 3 Ph + N + PE, 50/60 Hz or special voltage
    Total connected valueapprox. 4,1 kVA
    (16 A use required)
    Air consumption5 NL/min. at 6 bar
    Space requirementapprox. 2300 x 1820 x 1500 mm

    * Subject to material tests, depending on the wood type

    Innovative Details and Options

    Precise veneer transport

    The proven and patented sliding rail system allows the use of high efficiency plastic chains. These chains are completely maintenance-free and require no lubrication. Stains resulting from a combination of condensate and metal abrasion is excluded. Due to the very narrow heating zone, sensitive veneers are protected and veneer shrinking is considerably reduced.

    Precise glue application system

    A remarkable feature of the glue application system is the nearly horizontally arranged application disc.

    This allows a precise glue application and excludes glue emerging from the joint.

    Clearly arranged control panel

    All parameters required for machine operation can be easily set and read via the clearly arranged control panel. The set parameters can be stored.


    Compact cooling unit

    The new glue pot cooling unit ensures optimum production conditions and a long pot life. Directly integrated and without any cooling liquid. The required temperature can be adjusted via the control panel.

    Option packet for micro veneer

    The optionally available packet for micro veneers allows joining veneers from a thickness of 0.25 mm. Special components ensure clean processing.

    Option packet for thick veneers

    The KUPER FLI 1000 also processes a veneer thickness of up to approx. 5 mm due to a convenient additional equipment. The option packet contains all components required for precise processing of a veneer thickness from 1.5 mm. The infeed and the integrated glue application system particularly contribute to the user-friendly handling in this operating mode.


    Here you can download the brochure as a PDF document.
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    Further technical information on request . Pictures may contain options . Additional components, for example, cabinets , safety equipment , etc. may not be displayed . Further technical details on request .