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When it comes to quality, we are kuperprecise.

Machines that improve products and make production more efficient. That’s what we call engineering. We specialize in compound, woodworking and packaging technology. As a leader in quality veneer and adhesive technology, planing and molding machines and film wrapping machines, we offer customized machines and services to the international woodwork, construction and furniture industries. Kuperrevolutionary for our customers. Kupernormal for us.


Visibly impressive, invisibly joined.

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All our orders are Rock’n’roll.

High-quality veneered panels, sandwich panels and hard plastic panels – these are must have materials in building luxury yachts. Above all oak, walnut and maple veneers are in high demand. Equally exotic woods that are very popular in luxury yacht interior design.


Grown by nature. Crafted with precision.


Perfectly engineered. Properly packed.


Noticeably reliable, incredibly helpful.

With harmonized machinery, optimized production, skilled employees and world-class servicing, you will achieve your goals. We help businesses in the wood craft and woodworking industry to maximize their success. We offer long-standing expertise, one-on-one consultations and a personal touch. Kupersuccessful.

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