Film Wrapping Machines


High performance film wrapping machines.

Even fragile products should arrive safely at their destination. This requirement rises and falls with the right packaging machine. Our film wrapping machines meet even the highest performance requirements. They package products of all sizes. This includes products with special dimensions, from batch size 1.

If required, KUPER packaging machines let you to change film without interrupting production. They package from four-sided packaging in packaging bands up to six-sided full wrapping. In combination with shrink tunnels and side sealing stations – in each case, precisely according to your requirements. Here too, our vast know how and our drive ensure your success. Always packaged securely. Kuper secure.

Versatile and Productive

The KUPER KFL Ergofoil.

The fully automatic film wrapping machine with the patented operating concept packages length-independently. It reduces setup times, ensures ergonomic workflows and packages products up to 1,000 mm in height.


See KUPER KFL Ergofoil

For Continuous Production

The KUPER KFE Contifoil.

The KUPER KFE Contifoil with two driven film stations and two drawer systems allows a fully automatic film change during running production – even with high cycle rates.

KFE Contifoil

See KUPER KFE Contifoil
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