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KUPER glue thread.

KUPER glue threads are a proprietary development from our company. And the result of ambitious research and development in our KUPER laboratory. Today in our modern production facilities we are producing the right threads for every field of application and every type of veneer. KUPER glue threads are ideally coordinated to the different methods and heating systems of KUPER gluing machines. Kuper is the only brand in the world that develops and manufactures its own adhesives and the appropriate machinery to use them. This is the only way to ensure that you are getting the special quality of the bond. Kuper Compound.

We offer a large selection of different thread types for all tasks in veneer splicing. Whether for face veneers, constructional veneers or plywood core-layers. Meanwhile KUPER glue threads are also being used in the textile industry. Due to over a half century of experience, our threads meet your requirements for temperature resistance, viscosity and tensile strength. Of course, with each new technical development or further development of our company, we also adapt the glue threads.

No matter what you want to glue: Ask us. In particular if you want to bond natural materials or materials that are difficult to bond and treat, KUPER bonding technology is your problem solver. The original KUPER glue thread is only one product of many – we have numerous other products up our sleeves. But we can’t tell you anymore here. Kuper brilliant.

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