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High-end veneered, sandwich and hard plastic panels — these are the must-haves for high-class yacht construction. Oak, walnut, and maple veneers are especially popular. Rare wood in particular is state-of-the-art for the construction of luxury yacht interiors. To meet this growing demand, we helped Kuiper Holland maximize its productivity.

How we helped Kuiper Holland:

Our solution: The Kuper ACR combined with our VSR end gluing and trimming units with an integrated tray. This machine has it all with a feed rate of 30 meters per minute. Thanks to an integrated stacker, veneer decks up to 2,600 mm deep can be laid cleanly. Additionally, the veneer thickness can be variably adjusted from 0.3 - 2.5 mm. That means: Challenging and exceptionally high-end veneers are joined with the highest precision, requiring around 30% less space.

What our customer says.

All our orders are Rock’n’roll. No two jobs are alike. Not only do we trust our team’s long-standing expertise and unwavering dedication, but also KUPER’s veneer processing technology.
Hans Golbach,
Managing Director, Kuiper Holland

Machine used


The powerful KUPER ACR: modern design, innovative functions, perfect and highly efficient for processing glued joints.

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