Grown by nature.
Crafted with precision.

Machines for solid wood.

For well-synchronized manufacture. No matter the application. For furniture, panels, planers, and window and door scantlings. Or any of your woodworking projects. We guarantee that they will be perfect. It’s no coincidence that wood is the go-to material for so many industries. So, what do we do?  We develop woodworking machines that help our customers to reach their full potential. For each and every process step. Planing. Profiling. Molding. Cost-effective. Versatile. Customized. Everything you need for manufacture. Woodworking made in Germany. Kupergreat.


Our machines.

Kuperproductive for your needs. Our planers and molders are top quality. Outstanding reliability, robust design, and intuitive use. Choose the right machine for your application from our KUPER range. For special tasks, all our machines can be customized to your specifications. Woodworking without compromise. Easy with KUPER.


planing and molding machines

As the central component of production, KUPER planing and molding machines make the longitudinal processing of solid wood easier. Just like plastics and other materials.

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For edge processing all panel products.


special mechanical engineering

Do you have something special in mind? Need a system to be integrated into your existing processes? Our special-purpose machines will take care of it for you.

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The art of modularization and customization.

We follow one principle at KUPER to guarantee your success: As modular as possible. As individual as necessary.  Ready-made machines do not satisfy your demands for process optimization nor the quality of your products. Special-purpose machines only pay off in the long-term.

KUPER machines are intelligent from the get-go, so that we can realize your specific requirements for cost-effective functionality, integration and customization. Many of our solutions are created by re-combining components that have already proven their worth. Pragmatic, efficient and effective. Kuperingenious.  


What’s so special about KUPER woodworking?


Is synonymous with accuracy and pace to us. You have a target. We have the exact solution you need. Machines, processes, services. Together with you, we identify your requirements, make our results measurable and ensure sustainable success.


It’s the basis for everything and makes growth possible. Our machines and services are designed to increase cost-effectiveness for you. Your success is our success. Low operating costs, low maintenance and changeover costs as well as short training phases.


We stand by this principle. We provide flexible designs and customizable applications that align with your requirements and are tailor-made for your processes to deliver higher process reliability.


This means efficiency. From intuitive systems and intelligent automation to excellent availability of each component. We are grounded in pragmatism instead of over-engineering.

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