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Kuperpower for compound, woodworking and packaging.

Intelligent technology for veneer and solid wood processing, progressive packaging technology for components and the furniture industry, process consulting for the woodworking industry and skilled crafts and trades – KUPER is all this and more.

Our Promise: We will make your products and processes even better.

As leaders in quality for veneer and adhesive technology, planers and molders and film wrappers, we provide highly individualized machines and services to the international woodworking, building materials and furniture industries. We step up to the plate for you, to increase the quality of your products and the efficiency of your production. Kuperefficient.

We listen carefully to what our clients have to say. Based on this understanding, we develop tailor-made concepts. Projects that are intelligently designed. That sustainably improve their business. Powerful and reliable like our KUPER machines. High-end solutions for today and tomorrow. Kuperindividual.

In addition, we provide professional process consulting to the modern cabinetmaker’s trade and the woodworking industry for perfectly coordinated machinery. Making sure operations run smoothly. And we support our clients in boosting their profits. Kuperefficient.

This is how we move forward into the future, designing progress. Kuperinnovative.


Success is a decision.

KUPER as your employer.

Good employers enjoy challenging their employees. They provide their employees with liberties that help them grow in their professional and personal lives. They also provide their employees with support, wherever necessary.

We attach great importance to being a good employer. That’s why we support our employees with opportunities for training and education. We provide room to learn and we reward good ideas. We offer competitive salaries, a close-knit network of down-to-earth, competent co-workers, short decision-making paths, sustainable exchange of knowledge on a level playing field and a pleasant working environment. In short: KUPER offers you everything you need to make it to the top. And help you to be the best you can be – with Kuper power.



Real success stories.

Kuper case studies

We Succeed When Our Clients Succeed.

And for us, success is always the result of experience, competence and drive. Along with our drive to deliver only what we do best. The perfect solution. Here at KUPER we have dedicated ourselves to this ambition. Very much in keeping with the motto: behind every strong veneer you’ll find a KUPER machine. As individual as our machine solutions are, there’s one thing they do have in common: They are real success stories and we would like to share a few of them with you here.


Clients who have had to contend with very dry wood riddled with holes and cracks know: there are easier candidates than these for processing veneers. However, as we know, every challenge affords us an opportunity for growth.

See our Pollmeier case study


High-quality veneered panels, sandwich panels and hard plastic panels – these are must have materials in building luxury yachts. Above all oak, walnut and maple veneers are in high demand. Equally exotic woods that are very popular in luxury yacht interior design.

See our Kuiper case study

Kuperspecific to your requirements.

Special veneer quality, new forms of the structure of composite materials, versatility in processing solid wood or efficiently packaging doors, windows, insulation materials from batch size 1? Kupereasy. We configure machines exactly to your quality requirements. We automate production processes for you with individualized customization options. And provide you with services that are certain to increase your productivity.


Kuperpremium and sustainable.

From cutting to adhesive technology through to veneer splicing and plywood core layers, we satisfy all your needs without compromising on quality. All over the world. And customized according to all your requirements for the design and versatility of materials. We have more than five decades of experience in the manufacture of glue threads. Today, this allows us to make new composite materials and surfaces for you. Kuperinsightful. Plus, we ensure maximum yields through intelligent machinery combinations, e.g., with clippers and composers. Kupereconomical.


Kupermodular and versatile.

No material is as versatile and adaptable as wood. The same applies to our solid woodworking machines – unbeatable in terms of versatility. Due to their modular design, Kuper planing and molding machines are customizable and offer maximum automation. That includes process consulting for manufacturers of sophisticated windows, panels, doors, and furniture. Kuperproductive.


Kupersystematic and efficient.

Windows, doors, insulating materials, radiators, furniture parts – no matter what you need to pack safely, Kuper offers high-performance film packaging machines for the wood, construction, and glass industries. We take requirements for different sizes, chaotic sequences, and seams stitched on several or all sides in our stride. Kuperflexible. And we combine cutting-edge and intelligent, energy efficiency, robust products, and attractive packaging solutions.


Noticeably reliable, incredibly helpful.

Customer service

Dependability you can feel. Unimaginable support.

With perfectly coordinated machinery, optimized production, skilled employees and world-class servicing, you will achieve your goals. We help the wood craft and woodworking industries to maximize their success. We offer decades of expertise, one-on-one consultations, and a personal touch. Kupersuccessful.

Assembly and commissioning

Our seamless processes ensure rapid utility.

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Spare parts service

We use intelligent systems to ensure availability and quick delivery; from stock and procurement to remanufacture.

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FLUX Remote app

Remote maintenance and machine servicing is even easier with the FLUX Remote app, especially for you.

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