Perfectly engineered.
Properly packed.

Packaging machines for the wood, construction and glass industries.

Efficient, powerful, safe and suitable for your requirements. That is why numerous renowned customers use KUPER packaging systems. More than 50 years of experience and the will to always do even better guarantee perfect solutions for each of your challenges: Batch size 1, integrated edge protection, sensitive surfaces, compact dimensions, high energy efficiency. We are kupermotivated.



Your products have to endure a lot on their journey to customers. With KUPER packaging solutions, you choose quality for maximum efficiency. Our goal: to develop machines that pack perfectly. So that your products arrive safely at their destination. Our strengths: film wrapping machines, side welding and cutting machines, and systems for energy-efficient shrink wrapping. Whether it’s an effective single machine or a perfectly harmonized system. We have the high-performance solution for your packaging needs. From planning to commissioning. Kupergood packaging.


Film wrapping machines

Versatile and powerful film wrapping machines for cutting-edge industrial applications.

See Film wrapping machines

Shrink tunnels

The dependable and durable solution for packaging a wide range of goods.

See Shrink tunnels

Side sealing and cutting stations

Our side sealing and cutting stations are based on decades of proven sealing and cutting methods.

See Side sealing and cutting stations

special mechanical engineering

Do you have something special in mind? Our special-purpose machines will take care of it for you.

See special mechanical engineering


The art of modularization and customization.

We follow one principle at KUPER to guarantee your success: modularization is the way forward and machinery should be customized, where necessary. Ready-made machines do not satisfy your criteria for process optimization, nor the quality of your products. Special-purpose machines only pay off in the long-term. KUPER machines are intelligent from the get-go, so that we can realize your specific requirements for cost-effective functionality, integration and customization. Many of our solutions are created by re-combining components that have already proven their worth. Practical, efficient and effective. Kuperbrilliant. 


What’s so special about KUPER Packaging?


Is synonymous with accuracy and pace to us. You have a target. We have the exact solution you need. Machines, processes, services. Together with you, we identify your requirements, make our results measurable and ensure sustainable success.


It’s the basis for everything and makes growth possible. Our machines and services are designed to increase cost-effectiveness for you. Your success is our success. Low operating costs, low maintenance and changeover costs as well as short training phases.


We stand by this principle. We provide flexible designs and customizable applications that align with your requirements and are tailor-made for your processes to deliver higher process reliability.


We guarantee it. And we keep our promises. And are accountable for all our products and services. Ergonomics, intuitive operation, intelligent control ensure ideal working conditions and lasting process reliability.

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