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The service team at KUPER provides reliable support for woodworking and industry.

Our customer service makes all the difference. We offer customers a wide range of services: For more efficient, profitable and dependable manufacturing. 
Our support team is there for you whenever you need us. We offer personalized consulting, expert knowledge of woodworking and packaging technology, and rapid emergency support.

The support team at KUPER will ensure that everything runs smoothly for you, whether assembly and commissioning, inspections and servicing, or machine and company relocation. We round off our support with practical training and efficient remote maintenance. Not only that, but we go beyond routine services. We can provide financial planning for your site, manufacturing support during operation, or maximize your day-to-day business efficiently.  
We have regional KUPER support offices all over Germany. And our KUPER service teams are there for you beyond Germany’s borders too.

Stress-free planning and securing financial advantages

Our package deals offer you special discounts on services and spare parts.
Experience peace of mind with our service contracts! If you decide on the option “full-service machinery”, you can be sure to be first in line.
Don’t worry about unexpected downtime, we’ve got your back.

Stand-Alone Maschines
Appointment in advancexxxx
Determination of the desired
date at the beginning of the year
Documentation of 
current/maintenance condition
Renewed machine instructionxxxx
Review of target/actual statusxxxx
Implementation of manufacturer
maintenance work
Incl. 2h repair work on sitexxxx
Discussion of maintenance
and adjustment work
Recording of replacement/wear partsxxxx
Offer of spare parts/measuresxxxx
Maintenance kit (lubricating oils,
greases, filters, small parts)
Wear part kit in advance
(includes all wear parts)
Kuper veneer guillotine oil
change after 2-year interval
Special discount for services
resulting from the inspection
3% from a machine value of 300,000
5% from a machine value of 600,000
Discount on original Kuper spare parts  x
Remote Control
1 hour free of charge
no hotline charges
Callback after 1h by an expert
(Mon-Thu 7.00-16.00 Fri 7.00-12.00)
Travel costs Technician hour discount
for unscheduled assignments
3% discount on travel costs
5% discount on travel costs
Travel costs for maintenance
appointment incl.
On-site technician costs for
short-term assignments 
Maintenance seal of approval incl. protocol xxxx
Invoicing January  xx
Invoice after service provisionxx  

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Service portfolio

Customized products, reliable service.


Our services at a glance.

You will find an overview of our services here. Get in touch with us for further details and specific queries about our services.

Assembly and commissioning

Our seamless processes ensure rapid utility.

More on assembly and commissioning

Kuper training center

A business is only as strong as its employees. Our training will ensure you are ready for anything. We can even come to your site or you can visit our KUPER training center.

More on our training center

Remote maintenance

We are fast because we leverage digital technology to break down barriers.

More on remote maintenance

Machine and company relocation

Whether it be the relocation of an entire factory or ‘just’ one machine: We will support you and provide efficient services – without interrupting operations.

More on machine and company relocation

Manufacturing support and optimization

Does your manufacturing leave a lot to be desired? Our experienced specialists will support you, analyze your current operations, and provide you with expert advice to enhance your manufacturing systems. And we cater for legacy equipment too.

More on manufacturing support and optimization

Repairs on our site

Downtime is stressful. If you have repairs that aren’t routine, we carry them out for you on our site. That will save you costs and ensure your remaining manufacturing systems to stay up and running.

More on repairs on our site

Inspection and maintenance

We are dependable because we guarantee that problems won’t arise in the first place.

More on inspection and maintenance

Technical hotline

If you have questions, we are always willing to lend you an ear. Whether you need help with a machine, technical information, special configurations or spare parts; we will provide you with rapid support.

More on our technical hotline

Spare parts service

We use intelligent systems to ensure availability and quick delivery; from stock and procurement to remanufacture.

More on our spare parts service

Electrical DGUV V3 conformity testing

Only engineers who are qualified in accordance with TRBS 1203 are permitted to test electrical equipment for DGUV V3 conformity. We are happy to take this task off your hands, so you can focus on your business.

More on electrical DGUV V3 conformity testing

FLUX Remote app

Remote maintenance and machine servicing is even easier with the FLUX Remote app, especially for you.

More on FLUX Remote app

Modernizations and renovations

New purchases can be expensive and time-consuming. To save you money and avoid a changeover phase, we check whether your machines are suitable for upgrades or modernization.

More on modernizations and renovations


Whether you’re a small craftsman or multinational corporation, we can help with machine planning, layouts and deadlines.

More on planning

Our services are available for the following brands:

KUPER gives you more support

  • Head office in Rietberg, Westphalia
  • Regional support offices around Germany
  • Global customer support
  • Trained and experienced service technicians
  • Central spare parts warehouse for rapid shipping
  • Central service hotline
  • Modern demo and Kuper training centre in Rietberg, Westphalia
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