We are driven
by quality.

For your success.

KUPER stands for engineering, sales and consulting: the development, production and sales of machines and systems. Always providing the finest quality.

But with us, it’s more than that. It’s about you, not us. Our quality is just the means to an end: improving your products and processes each and every day. With persistence that leads to excellence. With ideas that are not only smart but continue to work long into the future.

We want to help you maximize your value and expand your business. Because we are only satisfied when we make a difference for you. To be better and to stay that way. Today and tomorrow. KUPER machines and systems to advance your business. KUPER solutions for your success. 


Special powers.

You will find something special in every KUPER project. Your machine and process need your expectations for an all-inclusive package, your quality demands for the final product. And our willingness to give you our best, to anticipate the future, and to find a sustainable solution. So, when can we start?


The art of modularization and customization.

We follow one principle at KUPER to guarantee your success: As modular as possible. As individual as necessary. Ready-made machines do not satisfy your demands for process optimization nor the quality of your products. Special-purpose machines only pay off in the long term. KUPER machines are intelligent from the get-go, so that we can realize your specific requirements for cost-effective functionality, integration and customization. Many of our solutions are created by re-combining components that have already proven their worth. Pragmatic, efficient and effective. Kuperingenious.


That is what drives us. We serve to maximize the quality of our customers’ products and processes in the long-run.


It’s the cornerstone for everything and makes growth possible. Our machines and services are designed to increase cost-effectiveness for you. Your success is our success. Low operating costs, low maintenance and changeover costs as well as short training phases.


We stand by this principle. We provide flexible designs and customizable applications that align with your requirements and are tailor-made for your processes to deliver higher process reliability.


This means efficiency. From intuitive systems and intelligent automation to excellent availability of each component. We are grounded in pragmatism instead of over-engineering.


Always committed to our customers.

We are more than ambitious machine builders. We want to be the best process consultants for woodworking and packaging technology in our industry. And offer you services from system planning to spare parts provision. A one-stop shop. Our service offices in Germany are supported by our teams throughout the world, wherever you are. Your Kuperheroes are available for assembly and commissioning, training, servicing and repairs. 


Technology and service.

We offer you customized solutions to perfect your processes. And maximize efficiency. All our services are interconnecting reliably. KUPER offers you essential add-on packages for the construction, operation and servicing of your machinery. Borne out of world-class technology. But only tailor-made services, proven knowledge and a personal touch can create truly customized solutions.

Assembly and commissioning

We ensure rapid ease of use through seamless processes.

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Remote maintenance

We are fast because we leverage digital technology to break down barriers.

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Spare parts service

We use intelligent systems to ensure availability, from stock and procurement to remanufacture.

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Partnerships and memberships.


German Engineering Federation

Tischler Schreiner Deutschland

We are a supporting member of the Association of Joiner Carpenters Germany.

Tischler NRW

We are a supporting member of the Verband Tischler NRW.

Initiative Furnier + Natur e.V.

We are a supporting member of the Initiative Furnier + Natur e.V.

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