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Core Composing Machine


Double power for plywood cores. Even stronger.

We made our champion even stronger, so that it can handle even the toughest industrial applications – KUPER Clipper plus core composing machine. The result: The KUPER CVX HEAVY DUTY. Twice the KUPER power for the most demanding teamwork!

KUPERPOWER for your business.

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In one production line operated by just one single person, the parallel cut, the composition, the format cut and the stacking are realized. That's economical! The Clipper optimizes automatically the front and the back of the veneer strips in consideration of error indications like cracks or knotholes and cuts them parallel. This maximum amount of usable material is transported directly to the assembly station KUPER CVX. In there the strips are assembled with the KUPER glue threads, cut to the final format and laid down efficiently and gently.

Advantages at a glance

  • Very robust and efficient; designed for heavy duty purposes, available in four sizes - particularly suitable for industrial use in three-shift operation
  • Robust, high-performance scissor system with low-maintenance cutting and counter-cutting used in both components (KUPER FC and KUPER CVX) for clean cutting results.
  • All system components are matching perfectly - trouble-free operation and minimal downtime
  • Enhanced material yield and quality thanks to flexibly adjustable veneer clipper with thickness tracing and programmable defect scanner
  • Excellent joint connection of the veneer strips with up to 16 glue threads (2,800 working width, additional sizes optional) - optimal handling of the stable veneers in subsequent process steps, thus significantly fewer material waste and malfunctions
  • High-performance glue thread application heads, individually adjustable and optimized for KUPER glue thread technology - low maintenance effort and optimal glue connection even with wavy, lower quality and hard veneers
  • No additional glue dots required due to KUPER glue thread technology - faster operation and fewer disruptions
  • Extremely fast and precise stacking - optimal operation and preparation for subsequent processes
  • Clean work environment due to controlled removal and the consistent avoidance of dirt, e.g. B. by automatic discharge of the waste pieces and pre-assembled glue threads
  • Excellent accessibility of the entire system due to the movability of the components and modular structure - improved maintenance and faster removal of material accumulation

Camera system

Optionally available upon request.

The camera system provides a complete overview of the machine line, including the infeed area of the veneer clipper, the composition and the SAM swivel arm rest for the machine operator. Thus, enables full machine function and production control. The camera system, a large IP54 screen including receiver and cabling as well as 4 cameras on magnetic holders, is a standard feature, which can be freely positioned according to customer requirements.

Automatic defect scanner

Optionally available upon request.

The scanner for hole and crack detection with veneer edge area settings is freely programmable according to customer requirements. The smallest hole detection is 10 mm diameter in processing line of the scanner. It contains an automatic blow-off device for surface cleaning of the scanner area. Easy manual adjustment for cleaning and maintenance is possible.

Lateral alignment

Special conversion 0-line on customer request reference edge

Automatic feeding

Additional infeed for automatic feeding upon customer requerst

Blow-off unit

Special configuration at the front and rear of the outfeed


Special equipment pneumatic residual tire ejector

Chain feeder

Adhesive heads

Operating data acquisition screen

Special configuration upon customer request


Special equipment transfer to traverse car

KUPER CVX Heavy Duty

Technical Data.

Konfigurierbarer Arbeitsbereich

FC / CVX 2100 900 – 2.100 mm
FC / CVX 2800 1.200 - 2.800 mm
Veneer thickness ca. 1 – 4 mm
Raw strip width (crosswise to grain direction) from approx. 120 mm
Feed speed 15 – 55 m/min.
The effective working speed depends on several factors, 
in particular the veneer quality and the effective strip width!

Additional technical data upon request. Illustrations may contain options. Additional components such as control cabinets, safety facilities e.g. are maybe not shown. Subject to design modification.

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