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Core Composing Machine


Double power for plywood cores.

Here we combine two components into one powerful unit: KUPER-Clipper plus KUPER-core composing machine. The result: The perfect combination for strong bonding. Or as we say: Double Kuper power for optimum teamwork!

With the KUPER veneer clipper and the assembly machine KUPER CVX we have created the perfectly synchronized production line for plywood cores. Automated, synchronized, rationalized. Here every work step goes hand in hand. And so efficiently, that the entire production line can be operated by just one person. For the efficient production of plywood cores in a perfectly timed low-maintenance process. Kuper strong.

KUPERPOWER for your business.


In one production line operated by just one single person, the parallel cut, the composition, the format cut and the stacking are realized. That's economical! The Clipper optimizes automatically the front and the back of the veneer strips in consideration of error indications like cracks or knotholes and cuts them parallel. This maximum amount of usable material is transported directly to the assembly station KUPER CVX. In there the strips are assembled with the KUPER glue threads, cut to the final format and laid down efficiently and gently.

Advantages at a glance

  • Robust and powerful machine in three working widths
  • All system components perfectly matched
  • Maximum material yield thanks to flexibly adjustable veneer clipper with thickness scanning and defect scanner
  • Excellent connection of the veneer strips with up to 12 glue threads (optionally further are possible)
  • High performance glue application heads, individually adjustable and optimized for the latest generation of KUPER glue threads
  • Extremely fast and accurate stacking
  • Clean working environment through targeted removal and the consistent avoidance of contamination e.g. by automatic discharge of the waste pieces and matching glue threads
Kuper CVX

Technical data.

Configurable workspace

FC / CVX 1650

900 – 1,650 mm
Veneer thickness approx. 1 – 4 mm
Raw strip width (crosswise to grain direction) from approx. 120 mm
Feed speed 15 – 55 m/min.
The effective working speed depends on several factors,
in particular the veneer quality and the effective strip width!

Additional technical data upon request. Illustrations may contain options. Additional components such as control cabinets, safety facilities e.g. are maybe not shown. Subject to design modification.

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